35th meme, wtf.


16 Oct 2011, 18:42

and yet another shuffle meme.

1. This explains your worst mistake.
Banish From Sanctuary

2. This explains what was going through your mind during your first kiss.
Forever Lost

3. This explain what was going through the other person's mind.

4. Your parents always thought you would become..

5. This explains your first date.
Zanim powstał totem

6. This represents you and your first love.
Invasion of the Empire

7. This explains your first time.
Keep the Faith

8. This explains what the other person thought afterwards.
we tree kings

9. Your first job was..
Listen to Your Heart

10. Middle school was..
Mi Delirio

11. You got through high school doing..
Unmei no Yoru

12. This is how you pictured your life in the future..
Who You Were

13. Your first car was..

14. Your first road trip was..

1. Your biggest problem in life at the moment..
No Te Quiero Olvidar
True as hell.

2. This is how your boyfriend/girlfriend feels about you..
Dead Flowers For Her

3. This is what your best friend would say about you..
New Night

4. Your parents think of you when they hear this..
Black Black Heart

5. This is how you feel about love..
Broken Wings

7. This describes your outlook on the future..
Siehst Du Mich Im Licht?

8. You currently want..
If You Were Flying

9. You currently need..

10. Those who are envious of you think..

11. This is how you are in school..
Rock 'n Roll

12. This describes one of your secrets..
Semper Fidelis
Well it doesn’t describe it, but, huh, it fit perfectly to one of my secrets.

13. This first thing you think every morning..

14. The first impression you give is..
Happy Hardcore
Ahaha, great! 8D

15. This explains how you feel about the world..
I’m Too Good

1. The song playing when you meet "the one".
Oh my…

2. Your wedding song will be..
The Last Crusade
Lol… But it’s good idea, I want Epica on my wedding ;o

3. This describes your children..
Pap Smear

4. Your family pet is..
Just Like a Woman
WTF. [2] XD

5. You will live..
To The Death
And more!

6. Your occupation is..
Follow Me Home
Um. Maybe sometime?

7. This describes how you feel about work..
Miss Murder

8. About your husband..
The Once And Future King

9. You find out you have this sickness..
When the Sun is Gone

10. Everyone around you feels..
Way I Are

11. You lose someone close to you and you feel..
Reality Dream

12. This is how you feel about life now..
Earth Tremors

13. The most you will learn in life is..
Subito Crudelo

14. Your best time in life was..
Shroud of False

15. You'll never forget..
However, apparently I forgot, since I have no idea about that point.


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