Now is a'changing...


25 Mar 2009, 12:23

For me the perfect moment is always linked to several emotions : my memory of "Catch 22" will always be interlocked to Beiruth songs, as much as music from Nick Cave always invocates black and white landscapes.

And Now for me today is listening to Bob Dylan in front of the beautiful rainbow that just appeared in the countryside. Hope is all around!

The bloggers at have the same insight: time is even more priceless when you can appreciate it with all your senses at the same time. This project makes me simply happy.
It makes us feel that we are all part of the same stream of emotion and creation.
This project is open to all kinds of bloggers (music, fashion, photography, poetry...), so go there to freeze frame your perfect fleeting moment with a good song, a colorfoul picture and a little imagination.

Check out these posts to see what I mean : or

Laure ;)


  • MissViolette

    Thank you Zimba for your kind words about the project. Loving your choice of song by the way!

    25 Mar 2009, 12:37
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