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7 Jul 2007, 20:58

Okay, to clarify what I'm talking about, I'm speaking purely in terms of:
major key modality
harmonically pleasing intervals
notes that resolve well into the root of the key
compositions only! No improv! (with the exception of Big Country and A Remark You Made- all the soloing there remains pretty atmospheric)

Quickly, I created a list and by the time I had scrolled down to the bottom of my iTunes, I had compiled a list of 71 songs. Wayyy to big for A) the purposes of making a tight, to the point list to inspire thought and B) NOT spending an entire day writing this journal entry.

Over the last week I've been working on the trimming.
I mean, I can't very well have 9 Radiohead songs on there. Time to pick the best of the best of the best. MOST importantly not finding the subjective adjective 'best' but finding what really fit the criteria of beautiful, open melody that I was looking for. It looks like mostly I found that in compositions involving the acoustic guitar.

Keeping the musical rules I had set in mind- I also became very frustrated with myself- having to leave out jazz songs that I LOVE- for example Jaco's Continuum, Kenny Garrett's Ms. Baja and Miles' Someday My Prince Will Come
(... the list goes on)
this was only because the improvisation that goes on within those pieces don't always subscribe the melodic content that I'm looking for. So sadly.. many had to go. But fear not my loves, there will be a list for you in the future...
okay, let's get to it.

"Perfect" Songs

Big Country -|- Not starting with this song would defeat the entire purpose of this list.

Chinese Translation -|- M. Ward has made a perfect song. Mixed perfectly, chords are wonderful, following a beautiful melody. Great lyrics. Pure Goodness!

The Inlaw Josie Wales -|- Very much inspired by Leo Kottke and a song byThe Allman Brothers that shows up later on this list- Trey has written a song that truly shines with harmonic and compositional brilliance. A wonderful little diddy.

Someday We'll All Be Free -|- Segueing out of that weird spacey stuff that plays at the end of Inlaw, we move into the atmospheric Rhodes playing of Donny Hathaway. A perfect, funky composition, beautiful sounds coming from all around. And a trumpet solo that goes into Donny's incredible, soulful voice as smooth as butter. You will melt.

Ooo Baby Baby -|- Continuing with the R&B grove... Really two chords making this entire song work. Awesome Harmonies and Smokey Robinson's high falsetto dances over the entire piece.

Trouble -|- Back to the acoustic guitar! CHORDS, BASS, STRINGS. VOCALS!!!

The Tourist -|- This is the Radiohead I chose. So many to choose from, this one gets me every time. About halfway through the list now. Take a breather!


Shenandoah (for Johnny Smith) -|- Like Big Country, without this song- this list would not exist.

Little Martha -|-Solo Acoustic guitar. Soo good.

Zikr (Remembrance Of Allah) -|- Gorgeous, moving, simple piece. Just piano and acoustic bass. WOW.

These Days -|- Nico! Wasn't I just writing about you... well yes. Jackson Browne wrote you a great song. Guitar, Minimal Strings, Vocals. M0re perfection!

The Fisherman -|- The greatest solo guitar composition I've ever heard! This is IT!

Judy and the Dream of Horses -|- Great song! One of the more upbeat songs on here. Very sweet, and well written. Nice simple, Belle and Sebastian trademark trumpet solo on here too. Builds very well... just great.

A Remark You Made -|- I used to detest this song. I didn't give it an honest chance. This was back when I was going through a phase of hating all jazz-fusion ballads. pffft. I still hate most- but not this one thats for sure! Yikes! The version from this list specifically is from Weather Report's live album 8:30. Highly Recommended.

Très Doux -|- This was the only classical piece that came to mind. The version I am thinking of is performed by Martha Argerich on her Debut Recital album. Worth getting!

Sunset Soon Forgotten -|- The sun is setting and Sam Beam also has a perfect song he has written. Accepted! Great warm harmonies, beautiful singing... I feel like I keep repeating myself...

An Ending (Ascent) -|- The only electronic artist that made it it. This song will put you into an electric, enlightened state of ecstasy.

The Rain Song -|-
One of Zep's best. Ending on a chord that echo's into the upper reaches of eternity. Bravo Jimmy Page!


and that's it! It's over! Pretty painless right? Now go find -> listen to these songs and worry about nothing! Go!

For next time: The Honorable Mentions


  • punctuationsfun

    you should make this into a playlist on last.fm, because i remember reading something that said that you can hear full length tracks off of those now. then i could listen to this list with greater ease.

    8 Jul 2007, 17:01
  • hoverlikebees

    I love M. Ward! And I probably wouldn't have chosen that Radiohead song... (even though I love it) but I'm sure that was hard. I could never pick my favorite. And I think Get Me Away from Here, I'm Dying is the most perfect song by Belle and Sebastian. But that's just me. Good list!! :)

    8 Jul 2007, 20:42
  • hoverlikebees

    ALSO! Do you listen to Kings of Convenience? The song Winning A Battle, Losing The War is as close to perfect as one can get. Really.

    8 Jul 2007, 20:45
  • hdsander

    The name of Ravels tune played by Martha Argerich is Jeaux D'eau. Trés doux is just the description (sweet like honey).

    27 Sep 2007, 16:24
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