• Social Networking

    7 Mar 2008, 21:57 is but one of many music sites ( is another), and just one of may "social networking" sites (such as Facebook-- my personal favorite right now-- and MySpace). I'm trying to get my friends onboard, and so far only one has joined. It is a bit of a stretch for many people to spend so much time online, i think. The internet is so impersonal, so inhuman. But sites such as and Facebook really exist almost purely to CONNECT people. They are like the new community centers in our current world of globalism and technology.

    But I really like Facebook and, and Flickr, and Twitter. They seem to help me stay connected to my friends. In fact, I just had an old friend of mine call me just now, who, since I joined Facebook about two weeks ago because I found him on it, has now called me TWICE in the past two weeks after not having called me in probably two years! So that's really nice...

    And he's joined, and now I get to see (and hear!) what he's listening to. So now we are connected with more frequent updates as to what we're doing and what we're taking photos of and what we're listening to.

    Way cool, as far as I'm concerned...

    Listening to crossover opera/pop artist Izzy doing Tim Buckley's Song to the Siren. Fairly inane. Such an awesome song, but she just puts me to sleep without any real feeling in it...
  • Track Info:

    29 Nov 2006, 7:26

    1. all one (3:59) synthesizer, sequencer, sampler, tape, effects

    2. teonanacatl: the flesh of god (5:14) synthesizer, sequencer, ceramic flutes *keith krause: ceramic flutes, wood rattles

    3. from logos to eros (6:14) synthesizer, sequencer *keith krause: electric guitar

    4. lineaments & seed (5:44) synthesizer, sequencer, sampler

    *voice on allone and lineaments: Alan Watts
  • Yugen's genius

    28 Nov 2006, 1:24

    He elevates the mood of the air with a flicker of effervescent sound.The flavor of rythmn blends with the movement of the body mincing no words. You have landed smack dab into the realm of gods,giants of expresion,tickling your ear. Yes, Yugen you are beyond genius you are a mirror of god, Clear effortless Beauty.