Things people need to listen to...Episode 14 (September 3, 2010)


3 Sep 2010, 3:55

Back to School Special?

So I'm going to call that a summer break. I may have missed a couple (four) months here, but hopefully I can make up for it. I'm throwing in a couple extras this time around, to make up for my laziness.


1. Truls and the Trees
/ /
Best tracks: Upside Journey, Ailanthus, Count Your Steps

2. The Candle Thieves
/ /
Best tracks: The Sunshine Song, Sharks And Bears, Bright Lights, My Little Room

3. Rabbit!
/ /
Best tracks: Magic, Ladybug, Camera, Life Is Sweet

4. The D'Urbervilles
/ /
Best tracks: We Are Hunters, Dragnet, Hot Tips

5. Funeral Party
/ /
Best tracks: Carwars, Finale, Giant Song

6. Dominant Legs
/ /
Best tracks: Young at Love and Life, Clawing Out At The Walls, About My Girls

7. The Postelles
/ /
Best tracks: Can't Stand Still, Whisper Whisper, White Night

8. Tennis
/ /
Best tracks: Cape Dory, Baltimore, South Carolina

9. Lights On
/ /
Best tracks: Red Lights Flashing, We Live Underground, Stars

10. My Sad Captains
/ /
Best tracks: Good to Go, You Talk All Night, Ghost Song

11. Grass Widow
/ /
Best tracks: To Where, Lulu's Lips, Rattled Call

12. Soundpool
/ /
Best tracks: But It's So, Mirrors In Your Eyes, On High


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