Effect Pedals? No need for it


19 Ene 2006, 17:01

So,after Christmas i got a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Pedal.
But due to only having one cable that works and one that is kinda broken,i barely play through the pedal.

And i finally realized,that my Amp is good enough for a decent overdrive sound through the second channel.

First,i was really into this whole pedal thing but now i`m a little in doubt,if it`s really worth to spend alot money on dozens of pedals just to build a pedal board.

Ok,it looks cool and everything but at the moment,i`m fine with overdriven sounds.
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  • unbeknowneth

    Distortion is probably the least interesting effect that is out there. While people search low and high for their 'perfect' distortion, it's not as interesting or versatile as a delay or flanger or chorus or wah or whatever is going to be. I'd return the distortion pedal and spend some time at the store figuring out what sounds interesting and what suits the music you play and get that instead. It'll probably be a little more expensive, but you'll use it instead of leaving it to collect dust. Or, go the Derek Bailey/Joe Morris route and decide that the sound comes from your hands and to hell with effects. (Bailey did continue to use a volume pedal, which is sort of an effect.)

    10 Feb 2006, 6:34
  • samsaunders

    From observing local level bands playing over the years it seems to me that the most useful features of distortion effects are that a) they disguise clumsy guitar playng and b) they create an unpleasant sonic fog that makes it unnecessary for singers to remember lyrics. However, delay effects can make interesting musical things happen.

    15 Abr 2006, 2:14

    take the case off of the pedal so the board and pots(knobs) are all exposed. make sure you still have you 9 volt connected...take your line out straight to an amp. touch the curcuit board in various places, lick your fingers for an added conductivity. now you can make a real instrument out of it by sautering different points on the curcuit board, also play around with your tone/dist knobs to see what they do. in a nutshell, if you dont need it, curcuit bend it! hours of madscientist fun..and you can play your guit through it still. -C! of BOW+ARROW, CTYForganization etc...

    6 May 2008, 20:14
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