21 Abr 2009, 10:22

You know the rules! Good playlist, shuffle, copy song title and paste "in My Pants" behind it. Make your favorites bold.

1. United Nations - Filmed In Front of A Live Studio Audience in my Pants
2. HORSE the band - The Immense Defecation of the Buntalluffigus in My Pants
3. Orchid - Snow Delay At The Frankfurt School in My Pants
4. Emmure - When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong in My Pants
5. At the Drive-In - Rolodex Propaganda in My Pants
6. From a Second Story Window - I Tried Voodoo Once in My Pants
7. HORSE the band - Werepizza in My Pants
8.The Devil Wears Prada - You Can't Spell Crap Without "C" in My Pants
9. Genghis Tron - Ergot (Relief) in My Pants
10. Bury Your Dead - The Outsiders in My Pants
11. Arsonists Get All The Girls - Claiming Middle Age A Decade Early in My Pants
12. From a Second Story Window - Soft Green Fields in My Pants
13. The Appleseed Cast - A Fate Delivered in My Pants
14. See You Next Tuesday - 8 Dead, 9 If You Count The Fetus in My Pants
15. The Motion - Those Who Adapt in My Pants
16. At the Drive-In - For Now.. We Toast in My Pants
17. Catherine - Light Bright in My Pants
18. The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Document Grace Budd in My Pants
19. Orchid - Angel in My Pants
20. HORSE the band - Big Blue Violence in My Pants
21. The Devil Wears Prada - Goats On A Boat in My Pants
22. From a Second Story Window - Stolen Lands in My Pants
23. HORSE the band - Bunnies in My Pants
24. War from a Harlots Mouth - Keeping It Up in My Pants
25. Animosity - Tooth Grinder in My Pants

Half way through...

26. All Shall Perish - Beter Living Through Catastrophe in My Pants
27. Fugazi - Lusty Scripps in My Pants
28. The Promise Ring - American Girl in My Pants
29. The Promise Ring - I Never Trusted the Russians in My Pants
30. Heavy Heavy Low Low - Inhalent Abuse in My Pants
31. Sunny Day Real Estate - Pheurton Skeurto in My Pants
32. Cancer Bats - Deathsmarch in My Pants
33. The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die in My Pants
34. Whitechapel - Eternal Refuge in My Pants
35. Orchid - she has a cold, cold heart in My Pants
36. The Blood Brothers - Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers in My Pants
37. Catherine - The Beggar in My Pants
38. I Set My Friends on Fire - Things That Rhyme With Orange in My Pants
39. Saetia - Some Natures Catch No Plagues in My Pants
40. The Promise Ring - Tell Everyone We're Dead in My Pants
41. HORSE the band - Murder in My Pants
42. The Fall of Troy - Spartacus in My Pants
43. The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Clarissa Explains Cuntainment in My Pants
44. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - Caution, Dangerous Curves Ahead in My Pants
45. Genghis Tron - Warm Woods in My Pants
46. Emmure - You're More Like Friend Without The 'R' in My Pants
47. United Nations - I Keep Living The Same Day in My Pants
48. Genghis Tron - Badlands in My Pants
49. Test Switch Isolator - Ballroom Cancer in My Pants
50. The Number Twelve Looks Like You - The Weekly Wars in My Pants


  • Maggi1337

    you know this whole in my parts thing is kinda lame. :|

    22 Abr 2009, 17:38
  • xgayax

    yeah, but it gives me a laugh every time. I love lameness

    22 Abr 2009, 22:21
  • baltech22

    you have awful taste

    4 May 2009, 5:09
  • xgayax

    everyone has their own right?

    7 May 2009, 22:12
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