• important songs by my top 15 bands

    16 Abr 2006, 5:16

    Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

    here goes!

    1.Pink Floyd
    First:comfortably numb
    Got me to Love:Dogs
    Current Fave:sheep

    2.Led Zeppelin
    Got me to Love:since ive been loving you
    Current Fave:ten years gone

    3.Pearl Jam
    First:yellow ledbetter
    Got me to Love:yellow ledbetter
    Current Fave:oceans

    4.Iron Maiden
    First:hallowed be thy name
    Got me to Love:fear of the dark
    Current Fave:phantom of the opera

    5. CCR
    First:fortunate son
    Got me to Love:heard it though the grapevine
    Current Fave:travelin band

    First:endless rain
    Got me to Love:endless rain
    Current Fave:dahlia

    7.Bob Dylan
    First:like a rolling stone
    Got me to Love:dont think twice its alright
    Current Fave:like a rolling stone

    8.King Crimson
    First:in the court of the crimson king
    Got me to Love:21st century schizoid man
    Current Fave:starless

    9.The Doors
    First:the end
    Got me to Love:break on through
    Current Fave:break on through

    10.Steve Vai
    First:for the love of god
    Got me to Love:touching tounges
    Current Fave:building the church

    11.Dire Straits
    First:money for nothing
    Got me to Love:brothers in arms
    Current Fave:your latest trick

    12.Deep Purple
    First:smoke on the water
    Got me to Love:lazy or burn
    Current Fave:burn

    First:you know your right
    Got me to Love:man who sold the world
    Current Fave:where did you sleep last night

    14.Black Sabbath
    First:iron man probably
    Got me to Love:war pigs
    Current Fave:fairies wear boots

    First:bohemian rhapsody
    Got me to Love:its a kind of magic
    Current Fave:another one bites the dust