How did you get into...?


24 Feb 2008, 8:13

Okay. Just thought whoever reads these might be curious as to how I developed such a broad musical taste. So, here goes.

How did you get into... My Chemical Romance?
It started in 2006. My friend Kelli sang me Skylines and Turnstiles, and I loved the imagery of "Steel corpses stretch out towards and ending sun, scorched and black". When I heard Welcome to the Black Parade on the radio, I was hooked. Kelli was kind enough to lend me her MCR albums to download on my computer, and the obsession began.

How did you get into... The White Stripes?
I read Blunt Magazine, and they gave the latest Stripes album, Icky Thump a good review. So, I downloaded it. The song that really got me hooked was Conquest, which I had stuck in my brain for weeks. After that I bought Get Behind Me Satan, and the craving for more of their music lead to me buying the rest of their albums and giving my stereo a good workout.

How did you get into... Slayer?
The first metal compilation CD I bought was the MTV2 Headbangers Ball. On it was a live recording of Raining Blood, and I found the riffs so amazing, I bought the album, Reign in Blood. I now have seven Slayer CDs, and plan on getting the rest.

How did you get into... Anthrax?
Okay. This makes me sound really fangirlish, but I heard they were a favourite of Mikey Way's. So, when I bought the Headbangers Ball CD mentioned above, the first track I listened to was Safe Home. This lead to several hours of downloading and a love of thrash metal.

How did you get into... Cradle of Filth?
Kelli again. She let me borrow Nymphetamine and Damnation and a Day and that was my first real metal experience.

How did you get into... DragonForce?
Thanks to Metal Hammer Magazine. Their free Golden Gods 2007 CD introduced me to Through the Fire and Flames, which lead to two hours on Limewire and a very happy metalhead. They happen to be one of the few metal bands my parents like.

How did you get into... Alice Cooper?
I heard Poison on the radio, and fell in love with his voice. After that, I bought The Definitive Alice Cooper and was obsessed. I don't have anywhere near enough Cooper albums. He is amazing.

How did you get into... The Used?
Kelli, AGAIn. Let me rip their albums from her. Light With a Sharpened Edge still makes me dance around the room, and it's probably what I'll end up singing if I audition for Australian Idol.

How did you get into... Ayreon?
Thanks to my friend Tim. One day,l he bought his speakers and mp3 player to school, and played us Day Three: Pain and Day Sixteen: Loser. To this day, The Human Equation is my favourite Ayreon album. Arjen is such a talented composer, it amazes me.

How did you get into... Marilyn Manson?
On Space Camp in 2005, my friend Neddy let me listen to Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) on his mp3 player. I fell in love. Two years later, I was looking for a new CD when I came across Lest We Forget, and I remembered how much I'd loved Sweet Dreams. So, I handed over my $19 and fell in love with each and every track.

How did you get into... Deathstars?
Ah, that would be Adam, aka VJHatePosse. He told me to listen to Cyanide, and I trusted his judgement. It was good. I needed more.

How did you get into... Green Day?
It all started when I saw the video for American Idiot. A few months later, I ripped the album from Kelli. Nowadays, the singles are frequently played on my iPod and frequently enjoyed.

How did you get into... Iron Maiden?
I had a $100 gift card at JB Hi-Fi, and Maiden CDs were $9.99 each. So, I bought The Number of the Beast and that's when it all started. Also thank Guitar Hero III for including the song of the same name as a playable track.

And I think that's quite enough for now, hmm?


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