will the ball drop, or will we drop the ball?


1 Ene 2010, 1:47

before i recklessly go out into the night and drink excessively, here are 5 relatively new music videos to sink your shiny metallic teeth into. enjoy my last journal post of this dead decade. don't be safe tonight, drink till you puke (so you can drink more), smoke, snort, get in a fight, run from the cops, cheat on your girlfriend, drop a popped locket, kickass - chew bubble gum, grab your balls and screm yippie-kai-aye-motherfucker, disregard females - aquire extracy, rock 'n fucking roll, play donkey kong, burn your place of employment to the ground and then finally, have as much unprotected intravenous anal sex as you can't handle with girls named "cherry," "slutdog" or [insert-your-bestfiends-gf's-sister's-name-here]. goodnight 2009. things are going to get unimaginably worse, and their never-ever going to get better. <x,o>


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