My Lifes Journey, Culminated In One Night: Beastie Boys LIVE 08/06/07


8 Ago 2007, 14:44

Mon 6 Aug – Beastie Boys

Deal with my crappy pics. You should be glad im not posting up my crappy videos.

Anyways, after 2 months of waiting anxiously, my time had come. It was time for me to finally, after 16 years of waiting, to see the Beastie Boys.

I got there about 5 hours early and was pleasantly greeted with this sign, to show me my GPS actually works.

So I find a parking garage right across the street, and lo and behold, it was 40 fucking dollars. It was that or well, I don’t know... I’m not exactly familiar with that area of Boston, so I figured it was in my best interest to just take the first thing I found. After parking, I proceeded to take a nap, for 3 hours in a very stifling, dark, creepy parking garage. I woke up drenched in sweat, and trembling in anticipation.

I was about to see the Beastie fucking Boys.

Fast forward the whole boring waiting in line, the t-shirt buying, and the cell phone recycling thing(I was promised a goodie, and all I got was a stupid bumper sticker) oh and did I mention THE 8 DOLLAR BEER!?!?!

Fuck that sheet.

Anyways, the music, the music, I know.

When the lights when down, Mix Master Mike came out to the DJ booth and started doing some fucking insane scratching. FUCKING insane. The out they come, First Mike D dressed up in a full boat captain’s regalia. Red jacket and silly hat to boot, oh man it was too funny. Then following him was Ad Rock looking quite dapper in a nice suit and fedora cap and MCA out last, also in a suit, sans hat. The show kicked off with Sure Shot, and the crowd was in frenzy, it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard. The just rocked the whole crowd, all…I don’t know how many, but yeah a lot of people.

The set lists is something to note. It boasts a rather diverse selection from their library of tunes. They played everything you’d expect, and a lot of what you’d never expect.

In no particular order, this is the complete set list, which amazingly enough, I was able to recall!

Pass the Mic
So Whatcha Want
Biz vs. the Nuge
The Maestro
Live at PJ’s
Time for Livin
Super Disco Breakin
Remote Control
3 MC’s and 1 DJ
Body Movin
Sure Shot
Tough Guy
Root Down
Heart Attack Man
No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Brass Monkey
Time to Get Ill
Shake Your Rump
Hello Brooklyn
B For My Name
Electric Worm
Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it Out
Triple Trouble

Throughout the show, Mike D emceed the show, telling quirky anecdotes and just joshing around with his other 2 partners in crime. At one point mentioning the history that the Boston Harbor so proudly carries and telling us, by the time the shows over, it’ll be called Mike D’s Harbor, which later developed into a raucous chant later on in the show. Which was followed by Ad Rock “thanking” Bank of America for having the show and what not, and like Mike D, telling us by the end of the show it was going to be called the Bank of ADAM HOROVITZ! A bunch of hams, those guys are!

Unlike most shows you go to and you hear that ONE song that just makes everybody go insane and just wild, that was pretty much every song they played, you just never knew what was coming, and what you were hoping they’d play, the did. Case in point, Hello Brooklyn. A personal favorite of mine, when I heard the first baseline drop, I knew exactly what was coming and the crowd erupted, seriously they went fucking ballistic, I’ve never heard anything like it. Same thing with No Sleep Till Brooklyn, that had to be one of the most hardcore mosh pits I’ve ever seen. More so then any Slayer or Pantera pit I’ve seen. But yeah, basically every song whipped the crowd into a whirlwind of screaming, fists raised and just a palpable sense of euphoria in all of us.

Nothing is quite as exhilarating as thousands of strangers singing together in unison.

When the show ended, we all knew that there was going to be an encore, there was no way there couldn’t be.

So of course, out they come roughly 5 minutes later, lead by Mix Master Mike again who proceeded to dazzle us with a 5 minute scratching routine that dropped my jaw and just fucking amazed every single person. Then the Boys came back out and picked their instruments and started rocking out to Heart Attack Man, holy shit, that was intense. After that, after I thought they have played everything I wanted to hear, I heard the first few chords of Egg Raid On Mojo, I could have wept tears of joy. I couldn’t fucking believe it. It was classic, total classic. I sit here writing about it and I’m still in awe that they played Egg Raid on Mojo. That was shortly followed by Intergalactic, completed with Mix Master Mike wearing some crazy ass space invader looking helmet with lights and shit, it was dope as fuck. Last, but certainly not least, they played Sabatoge And words could not express the pure awesomeness of that. I will never forget this experoiance, ever.

All in all, this was, hands down the BEST concert I have ever seen, ever. Better then even the mighty Red Hot Chili Peppers, who before this, held the title of “The Best Concert EVAR!1”

Whoulda thunk that these 3 guys, roughly in their 40’s would have the stamina and the ability to rock the crowd for just over 2 hours? Not me. Its been two days and I’m still reeling from it. The 16 years was well worth the wait for this nearly religious experience for me.

And I danced, OHHHHHH you should have seen me dancing. Like Ad Rock Said: I can sing, rap, dance in just one show.

And that’s exactly what I did.

The End

P.S. If you’re really upset you couldn’t make it, get the Beastie Boys release on DVD, “Awesome, I fucking shot that!” Its nearly the same set list.

Oh and did I mention that Money Mark is fucking insane?


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