Shuffle Song


19 Abr 2011, 23:59

Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle and write down the first 25 songs you get.
Now take the first line from the first song, the second line from the second song, third line from the third song, etc. and put them in order below to make your scrambled song. If the song doesn't have enough lines, loop back to the beginning; like if you need the 22nd line but the song only has 15 lines, you start counting again with the first line and use line 7.

01. Only Happy When It Rains
02. Confession (What's Inside My Head)
04. Mystery of You
05. Heroes & Thieves
06. Aciiid!
07. Stories (Down to the Bottom)
08. Remember That
09. Sundial
10. Wrong Thing Right Time feat. Spogga
11. How I Could Just Kill A Man
12. Dimension
13. Recover
14. Already Over, Pt. 2
15. See You
16. Melt My Heart to Stone
17. All That I'm Living For
18. All There Is
19. See You in Hell
20. Falls Apart
21. Let Me Down
22. Better Off Now
23. Marry Me
24. Nobody's Listening
25. Versions of Violence

I'm only happy when it rains
And I can smile
You could've been the free one
The places I could not see
I'm blinded by these

Let me see you move girl
If you've been there, put your hands in the air

Why you gotta make me so mad?
And now it seems no time at all
We have to find

Soaking down your face
All these things we must try
We will recover
Breaking slowly
And this I promise you

But instead I fall back to my knees
Lock the last open door
I have given all I have to give
'Cause you've be riding a twenty gauged ticket

Left you there
Of the sick and mainly useless
Since you came around

The one to marry me
But you don't want to hear me
This labeling


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