Videos that ruined a perfectly good song


2 Sep 2005, 23:08

There are those songs that you absolutely love, but when the video comes out it's just not as good. These are a few of mine.

Ass Like That - This was my favorite song on the album when I first heard it. Now whenever I listen to it I cannot get the image of the stupid puppets out of my head.
Rich Girl - Again, my favorite song on the album when it came out. The video just didn't live up to my expectations, and in my opinion wasn't that good.
Lets Get Retarded - Okay, maybe this song doesn't count since the video was of the re-released song. But this song was too damn awesome. Once they re-released it and put out the video, it just made me like this version even more.
I would say Picture aswell, but the video didn't make me not like the song. It just made me want to not watch the video.


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