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"Those people who tell you not to take chances
They are all missing on what life is about
You only live once so take hold of the chance
Don't end up like others the same song and dance"

"So I found that life is just a game
But you know there's never been a winner
Try your hardest, you'll still be a loser
The world will still be turning when you're gone
Yeah when you're gone!"

"Well you know that Johnny's a spider
And his web is the city at night
He's a victim of modern frustration
That's the reason he's so ready to fight"

"Take it easy baby
Take it as it comes
Don't move too fast
If you wan't your love to last
Oh you've been movin' much too fast"

"Have you ever thought about your soul - can it be saved
Or perhaps you think that when you're dead
You just stay in your grave
Is God just a thought within your head
Or is he a part of you
Is Christ just a name that you read in a book
When you were at school?

When you think about death do you lose your breathe
Or do you keep your cool?
Would you like to see the Pope, on the end of a rope
- Do you think he's a fool?
Well I have seen the truth. Yes I have seen the light
And I've changed my ways
And I'll be prepared when you're lonely
And scared at the end of Our days

Could it be you're afraid of what you friends might say
If they knew you believe in God above
They should realize before they criticise
That God is the only way to love

Is your mind so small that you have to fall
In with the pack wherever they run
Will you still sneer when death is near
And say they may as well worship the sun

I think it was true it was people like you
That crucified Christ
I think it sad the opinion you had was the only one voiced
Will you be so sure when your day is near
Say you don't believe?
You had the chance but you turned it down
Now you can't retrieve.

Perhaps you'll think before you say
That God is dead and gone
Open your eyes, just, realize that he is the One
The only One Who can save you now from all this sin & hate
Or will you still jeer at all you hear?
Yes! - I think it's too late."

"For forty days and for forty nights
The law was on her side
But who can stand when she's in demand
Her schemes and plans
'Cause we danced on the floor in the round
So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice
(Do think twice)"

"Teacher caught me masturbating
underneath the desk
she looked at me and winked her eye
said "see you after class"
I heard the school bell ring that told
me that the day was done
she called me back and locked
the door my lessons just begun"

"Prolong the pain
How long will it last?
Suicide machine
A request to die with dignity
Is that too much to ask?
Suicide machine
How easy it is to deny the pain
Of someone else's suffering"

"'Cos you feel life's unreal, and you're living a lie
Such a shame, who's to blame, and you're wondering why
Then you ask from your cask, is there life after birth
What you saw can mean hell on this earth
Hell on this earth"

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