5 Ago 2006, 1:43

completed: 44 out of 50.

lyrics in bold have had lyrics added to them to make it easier.

1. before you slip into unconciousness, i'd like to have another kiss.
The Crystal Ship

2. so my mom, she brushes her hair.
and my dad starts growing bob dylan's beard.
and i share with my friends a couple of beers.
in the orlando streets.

The Charging Sky

3. i scoured your town, completely aroused.
and making love to your memory.

My Name Is Trouble

4. the time that we get through, the world will never ever be the same, and you're to blame.
Hey There Delilah

5. you keep me lit like antediluvian troy,
but one always reveres what one's bound to destroy.

Rapture Rapes the Muses

6. and they had to pick just the right one to represent me on the silver screen.
and i've got to say, they got it spot on.

Tom Felton's Kinda Hot

7. the bridges burst and twist around and wanting something warm and moving bends towards herself the soothing, proves that she must still exist.
Communist Daughter

8. sing that song that makes me think you're gonna spank me!
Punker Plus

9. and there's just no truth in anything we do.
There's No Use

10. come on, this is screaming photo-op.
Time to Dance

11. ten bucks says you don't have it in you.
to conquer fear and quit believing what they tell you to.

The Dutch Courage

12. don't it make you feel bad, when you're tryin to find your way home, you don't know which way to go?
if you're goin' down south,
they got no work to do,
if you're going down to chicago,
cryin' won't help you.

When the Levee Breaks

13. we can't afford to be innocent.
stand up and face the enemy.
it's a do or die situation.
we will be invincible,
and with the power of conviction
there is no sacrifice
it's a do or die situation.
we will be invincible.

14. death! i just want one more breath!
can you grant me one more please?

I Don't Wanna Die

15. september
as far as she remembers they don't teach humility,
and just because her only signal is mayday
don't it mean a thing
that she's seen love, and she's seen war, but fairness she don't see.
and just because she is in misery,
don't it mean a thing that she wants to know,
that she wants to know...

[track artist=head automatica[/track]

16. take me gorgeous, break me slow.
set me straight and leave alone tonight.

[track artist=spitafield]the future is now[/track]

17. on the stereo, listen as we go, nothing's gonna stop me now.
[track artist=phantom planet]california[/track]

18. and i still like you, the best man.
i still know you, the best man.
i still owe you.

[track artist=sufjan stevens]size too small[/track]

19. i am staggered by your beauty, your unassuming grace.
and i feel my heart is turning, falling into place.

[track artist=josh groban]my confession[/track]

20. the guilt won't leave my circulation.
[track artist=the rakes]the guilt[/track]

21. she smiled and placed a kiss on my waiting face,
promise what you will, something good for me,
time will take it all, and it will, you'll see.

[track artist=iron and wine]promise that you will[/track]

22. don't you draw the queen of diamonds boy.
[track artist=the eagles]desperado[/track]

23. i'll prove to the crowd that i come out stronger.
though i think i might lie here a little longer.

[track artist=the decemberists]the sporting life[/track]

24. i'm gonna fly circles around you.
[track artist=harry and the potters]gryffindor rocks[/track]

25. with broken hands and withered souls, emancipated from all you know..
[track artist=d-tent boys]dig it[/track]

26. for every tear cried in shame, there'll be someone else to blame.
and every crime that i commit, there'll be a punishment to fit.

[track artist=the coral]pass it on[/track]

27. the ghosts of things that could have been,
like the father who was never there at all, at all.
i was a boy, now i'm a plane.
but i can't keep this holding pattern anymore.

[track artist=gatsby's american dream]we're not orphans[/track]

28. when we're on the concrete
standing on the same street
i won't let our eyes meet
and it's true that i told them how,
it's here and i'm feeling now, that way.
she swims a lot, but that's okay. we don't talk a lot...that way.

29. oh i think it's the start of the end.
like sawblades through the air, your winter overture.
cut through everything, and now we're not so sure.

[track artist=british sea power]oh larsen b[/track]

30. i fell in love at the seaside.
i handled my charm with time and slight of hand.

[track artist=the kooks]seaside[/track]

31. i can't forget the day i shot that bad bitch down.
[track artist=johnny cash]cocaine blues[/track]

32. as long as you're on your knees and she's not on her back.
[track artist=u2]big girls are best[/track]

33. and i don't know if i love you, but i really wanna own you.
and i've kept you like a secret, from the moment i found you.
we can make a deal, everything is real
one day i might feel, all right again.

34. i'm selfish as selfish comes, you're giving me a run for my money.
[track artist=cute is what we aim for]teasing to please (left side, strong side)[/track]

35. but oh medusa, kiss me and crucify, this unholy notion of the mythic powers of love.
[track artist=rufus wainwright]go or go ahead[/track]

36. there's nothing like you and i.
so why do i even try?

[track artist=the perishers]nothing like you and i[/track]

37. oh and you know it for a fact, that everybody's eating outta your hands.
[track artist=arctic monkeys]still take you home[/track]

38. touch down, look around, everyone's the same.
world wide, air tight, no one's got a face left to blame.

[track artist=metric]dead disco[/track]

39. i have too many stories, keeping it serious.
some are collectors, some keep it straight.
it was a hospital, i was delirious,
i clung to the stretcher, and drew them a heart.
they said, "do you remember where you saw her last?"
i said "her skin is cinnamon, her skin is cinnamon"

40. norma jean had a seven year itch.
some like it hot to a fever pitch.

[track artist=spice girls]the lady is a vamp[/track]

41. bought the cheap champagne, we're going down in flames, hey.
[track artist=cobra starship]snakes on a plane (bring it)[/track]

42. this adventure is a one-way street, so please keep your eyes on the radar screen.
[track artist=the automatic]keep your eyes peeled[/track]

43. y no encontre ojos asi, como los que tienes tu.
[track artist=shakira]ojos asi[/track]

44. everyday i wake up and hear you whisper my name.
[track artist=this providence]everyday[/track]

45. i've gone back on my words which constantly change.
i believe what i mean at the time that i say them.
i'm climbing a wall of infinite height,
i couldn't go through, though i try as i might.
they're telling me fictional distractions,
fictional stories, i have heard enough of these
is anybody missing me?

46. you know, the boys in the newsroom got a running bet.
get the widow on the set!

[track artist=don henley]dirty laundry[/track]

47. the only defense against dark arts is lead guitar.
[track artist=the remus lupins]wizard rock[/track]

48. it can't be sincere unless you spend time here.
i need to see you...

49. dimeatap, and spinal tap. a-city maps, and hand claps.
[track artist=wilco]kingpin[/track]

50. i walked the ward, for you babe.
a thousand miles with you.
i dried your tears of pain, babe.
a million times for you.

[track artist=billy idol]rebel yell[/track]

Arctic Monkeys
The Automatic
Ben Lee
Billy Idol
British Sea Power
Cobra Starship
The Coral
Cute Is What We Aim For
The Decemberists
The Ditty Bops
Don Henley
The Doors
Draco and the Malfoys
D-Tent Boys
The Eagles
Gatsby's American Dream
The Good Cheer
Harry and the Potters
Head Automatica
Iron And Wine
Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
Johnny Cash
Josh Groban
The Kooks
Led Zeppelin
Le Tigre
The Long Winters
Neutral Milk Hotel
Nightmare Of You
No Doubt
of Montreal
Panic! at the Disco
Pat Benatar
The Perishers
Phantom Planet
Plain White T's
The Rakes
The Remus Lupins
Rufus Wainwright
Spice Girls
The Spill Canvas
Sufjan Stevens
This Providence
The Unicorns
The Upper Room

no artist repeats.

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  • NodimaChee

    7. Neutral Milk Hotel 23. The Decemberists I feel horrible, I can't place any more. And I love some of these other guys on your list. :-\

    5 Ago 2006, 2:25
  • Socialist


    5 Ago 2006, 2:26
  • CrustyJello

    1. The Crystal Ship by the Doors 22. Desperado by the Eagles

    5 Ago 2006, 2:39
  • fadelikeasigh

    11. Dutch Courage - The Spill Canvas

    5 Ago 2006, 3:06
  • TheWalkmen

    30. The Kooks - Seaside 37. Arctic Monkeys - Still Take You Home

    5 Ago 2006, 5:24
  • thoseguiltyeyes

    4. Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah 10. Panic! At the Disco - Time to Dance 16. Spitalfield - The Future Is Now 34. Cute Is What We Aim For - Teasing to Please (Left Side, Strong Side) 41. Cobra Starship - Snakes On a Plane (Bring It) 44. This Providence - Everyday

    5 Ago 2006, 6:22
  • abbagirl

    40. Spice Girls - The Lady is a Vamp 43. Shakira - Ojos Asi (Eyes Like Yours)

    5 Ago 2006, 6:27
  • Brackets

    25. with broken hands and withered souls, emancipated from all you know.. HOLES SUCKAAA!!!!!

    5 Ago 2006, 6:55
  • witchywoman

    hahah more like d-tent boys, but still. i get you.

    5 Ago 2006, 6:56
  • Brackets

    38. touch down, look around, everyone's the same. world wide, air tight, no one's got a face left to blame. dead disco- metric i was just listening to it! go look i swear!

    5 Ago 2006, 6:58
  • Ghost_train

    8 : Le Tigre - Punker Plus

    5 Ago 2006, 11:53
  • azzafrenchie

    26 the coral - pass it on 42 the automatic - keep your eyesa peeled

    5 Ago 2006, 12:01
  • OUemoboy

    3. nightmare of you - my name is trouble

    5 Ago 2006, 14:27
  • Sweetay

    35. Go or Go Ahead - Rufus Wainwright

    5 Ago 2006, 23:08
  • witchywoman

    49 isn't beck- hell yes, but i do love that song. =)

    5 Ago 2006, 23:21
  • shelanamiya

    2. is a jenny lewis song...thats all i know 5.raptyre rapes the muses 9.There's No Use 17.California 18.Size Too Small!!! 20.The Guilt (you shouldnt use a line that has the title of the song in it...dead give away) 24.Gryffindor Rocks 46. is either the eagles or don henley 47.Wizard Rock 49.Kingpin

    6 Ago 2006, 9:01
  • shelanamiya

    oops that should say 5.Rapture Rapes the Muses

    6 Ago 2006, 9:02
  • witchywoman

    i don't care. if i like the lyric, i put the lyric.

    6 Ago 2006, 9:04
  • shifto112

    29. British Sea Power - Oh Larsen B

    6 Ago 2006, 14:47
  • BeverlyMarsh

    50- Rebel Yell, Billy Idol.

    6 Ago 2006, 15:42
  • tristanrodman9

    48 is Home Now by No Doubt

    9 Ago 2006, 1:46
  • fjersnam

    ok, I'll say 32 should be U2's Big Girls Are Best and hope you'll say oh yeah yeah yeah :P

    12 Ago 2006, 17:23
  • witchywoman

    oh yeah yeah yeah. =)

    12 Ago 2006, 22:02
  • ellie117

    19. Josh Groban- I believe it's My Confession but I could be mistaken...

    15 Ago 2006, 0:20
  • catie04

    6. Draco and the Malfoys - Tom Felton's Kinda Hot :)

    19 Ago 2006, 22:21
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