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8 Ene 2007, 2:10

I'm bored, so here are the US & UK number ones on my birthday every year since 1985 (according to This day in Music and Date Engine)

July 19th 1985:
UK: Frankie
US: A View to a Kill

I probably know both of these, but not by name

July 19th 1986:
UK: Papa Don't Preach
US: Invisible Touch

I hate Madonna, she annoys me, this song is also quite pants. Genesis, however, rule. So there.

July 19th 1987:
UK: Who's That Girl
US: Alone

Ain't the foggiest about the US track

July 19th 1988:
UK: Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
US: Hold on to the Nights

No idea what either of these are, not even heard of the artists

July 19th 1989:
UK: You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You
US: Toy Soldiers

As a 3/4 year old, I thought Sonia was great, not on Kylie Minogue's level, but still pretty good. I think it was cos she wore pink.

July 19th 1990:
UK: Sacrifice / Healing Hands
US: She Ain't Worth It (feat. Bobby Brown)

I know the Elton John songs, but who the hell is Glen Medeiros?

July 19th 1991:
UK: (Everything I Do) I Do It for You
US: Unbelievable

Unbelievable is an amazing song, they should play it in more clubs, I would like to listen to it when drunk.

July 19th 1992:
UK: Ain't No Doubt
US: Baby Got Back

I have always hated Jimmy Nail, because he is ugly.

July 19th 1993:
UK: Pray
US: Can't Help Falling In Love

I loved Take That, they're nowhere near as good as NKOTB, but Mark Owen was cute.

July 19th 1994:
UK: Love Is All Around
US: I Swear

I think I was the only person in Britain who still liked Wet Wet Wet at this point in 1994, Marti Pellow was very sexy, until he had his hair cut short :(

July 19th 1995:
UK: Boom Boom Boom
US: Waterfalls

Boom boom boom, let me hear you say wayoh! Haha, great song. Unless you're subjected to a drunk version at 2am. I never liked TLC really.

July 19th 1996:
UK: Forever Love
US: How Do U Want It (feat KC & Jojo, Dr Dre & Roger Troutmans)/ California Love (feat KC & Jojo, Dr Dre & Roger Troutmans)

Didn't like Gary Barlow, he's blonde & chubby & I don't remember this song.

July 19th 1997:
UK: D'You Know What I Mean?
US: I'll Be Missing You

I'm sure I'd recognise the Oasis track, but as they are not very good, I don't know it by name. The Puff Daddy track was well overplayed!

July 19th 1998:
UK: Deeper Underground
US: The Boy Is Mine

Isn't Deeper Underground the one with the video where he's dancing in a flooded theatre on a cab? I like the song anyway. Brandy was better in Moesha.

July 19th 1999:
UK: Livin' La Vida Loca
US: Livin' La Vida Loca

I have this song on my MP3 player, because one of the entertainers sang it every night in Marmaris. I bought my mom his video too.

July 19th 2000:
UK: Life Is a Rollercoaster
US: Bent

I prefer Rob Thomas on his own, or with Santana, but I have a lot of Matchbox 20 songs & this one's quite good. The less said about Ronan Keating the better (no, I did not have a crush on him...)

July 19th 2001:
UK: Eternity / The Road to Mandalay
US: You Remind Me

Don't like any of these.

July 19th 2002:
UK: Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)
US: Hot In Here

Two of the worst songs of the year.

July 19th 2003:
UK: Crazy In Love
US: Crazy In Love

The number one on your 18th birthday is supposedly the soundtrack to your life. I'll let you form your own opinions.

July 19th 2004:
UK: Lola's Theme
US: Confessions part 2

Lola's Theme was overplayed and crap.

July 19th 2005:
UK: You're Beautiful
US: We Belong Together

See, this is why James Blunt is so high on my top artists list, because it was number one on my birthday... I didn't know Mariah Carey was still singing.

July 19th 2006:
UK: Smile
US: Promiscuous

Both very very annoying songs, although I like the first much more.


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