• brand who?

    21 Abr 2007, 16:00

    Fri 20 Apr – Brand New, Kevin Devine, Manchester Orchestra

    The show I've been waiting how many months for?..yeah i don't remember, alot. Well my expectations were way too high.

    Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine did a great job. Brand new came out for both of them and sang/played.

    Oh and i forgot to mention, no cameras were allowed because brand new didn't want pictures taken? Thats some bullshit cause i see live pics all over the internet..anyways whats up with Jesse looks like he's trying to grow a beard haha not like that matters, but he was acting weird too. I guess they all smoked up for 4/20. Lucky me they had to come to VA on that date.

    So before Brand New came on I was in the front, then everyone started pushing their way up and i was about to pass out so i got out of the way. Did i mention sold out shows suck? cause they do. There were way too many assholes in the audience. Just fucking enjoy the show and stop acting like a dumbass. Then people kept talking during the set. WTF? Why are you here then? get out!

    I couldn't even get into any of the songs partially cause of all the people. But Brand New performed good, not great like i expected, but good.
  • amazing.

    21 Abr 2007, 15:42

    Sun 15 Apr – Circa Survive, Cute is What We Aim For, As Tall as Lions, Envy On The Coast

    So this was my second time seeing Circa Survive, and I have to say damn, they always know how to put on a good show. They are one of the best live bands I have seen. Anthony Green is amazing, even when he did do drugs before performing he still rocked it.

    I had never heard envy on the coast before, but they did a really good job as well. As tall as lions were good too.

    Cute is what we aim for's lead singers mic kept going out, and they were better the last time i saw them.
    but overall amazing show.

    I recommend everyone to see Circa.<3
  • death cab

    11 Nov 2006, 7:01

    was amazing.

    in other news i got my lip pierced..
    lets just say that didn't go over too well when i got home.

    What Sarah Said
  • top 15

    22 Ago 2006, 15:31

    Post the top fifteen bands/artists on your profile, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

    Top 15
    1. Cute is what we aim for
    2. The Early November
    3. Bayside
    4. Hellogoodbye
    5. Cursive
    6. Angels&Airwaves
    7. The Academy is..
    8. AFI
    9. Brand New
    10. Minus the Bear
    11. Modest Mouse
    12. The Blood Brothers
    13. Portugal. The Man
    14. Circa Survive
    15. Say Anything

    The Bands
    1/ Cute is what we aim for
    First Song: Teasing to Please
    Song You Fell In Love With: Finger twist & split
    Favourite at the Moment: Lyrical Lies

    2/ The Early November
    First Song: Baby Blue
    Song You Fell In Love With: Ever so sweet
    Favourite at the Moment: No good at saying sorry

    3/ Bayside
    First Song: Masterpiece
    Song You Fell In Love With: Devotion And Desire
    Favourite at the Moment: Don't Call me Peanut

    4/ Hellogoodbye
    First Song: Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn
    Song You Fell In Love With: Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn
    Favourite at the Moment: I Saw it on your Keyboard

    5/ Cursive
    First Song: The Recluse
    Song You Fell In Love With: The Great Decay
    Favourite at the Moment: Driftwood

    6/ Angels & Airwaves
    First Song: The Adventure
    Song You Fell In Love With: Distraction
    Favourite at the Moment: A Little's Enough

    7/ The Academy Is..
    First Song: Checkmarks
    Song You Fell In Love With: Skeptics And True Believers
    Favourite at the Moment: The Fever

    8/ AFI
    First Song: Days of Phoenix
    Song You Fell In Love With: The Despair Factor
    Favourite at the Moment: The Killing Lights

    9/ Brand New
    First Song: Failure By Design
    Song You Fell In Love With: Seventy times 7
    Favourite at the Moment: The Boy who Blocked His Own Shot

    10/ Minus the Bear
    First Song: Pachuca Sunrise
    Song You Fell In Love With: Pachuca Sunrise
    Favourite at the Moment: El Torrente

    11/ Modest Mouse
    First Song: 3rd Planet
    Song You Fell In Love With: 3rd Planet
    Favourite at the Moment: 3rd Planet

    12/ The Blood Brothers
    First Song: Ambulance vs. Ambulance
    Song You Fell In Love With: Burn Piano Island
    Favourite at the Moment: Laser Life

    13/ Portugal. The Man
    First Song: AKA M80 The Wolf
    Song You Fell In Love With: AKA M80 The Wolf
    Favourite at the Moment: Marching With 6

    14/ Circa Survive
    First Song: Act Appalled
    Song You Fell In Love With: The Great Golden Baby
    Favourite at the Moment: In Fear and Faith

    15/ Say Anthing
    First Song: Either: Wow, I can get Sexual Too
    Song You Fell In Love With: Wow, I can get Sexual Too
    Favourite at the Moment: The Writhing South