• porcupine tree and the bridge to fantastically ethereal dreamscapes

    30 Mar 2012, 9:37

    First off, i'm not even high. or drunk. for now. But listening to a p-tree playlist, i can say that this is the closest you'll ever get to a DMT trip without taking any. just listen to the track imaginatively called, .3(dot3) and then voyage 34 part 1(this one's all about an acid trip) or the painfully beautiful 'Lazarus'. the thing is, i can go on naming great track after great track but that's not what its all about. Steven Wilson said in an interview that their albums have a certain architecture to them.. somewhat reminiscent of good ol' Floyd. Its for the listeners to discover. Joy! :D

    After 7 years of hardcore pearl jamming, i really dint know where to go, you know, musically.. until i caught whiff of porcupine tree. and suddenly, just like that, i knew not everything in the world was messed up, that there are these tiny pockets of shiny god-light waiting for you to find them. thats the reason i'm here on and grooveshark etc. looking for music that just makes such perfect sense. i'm not going to use words like, soul and emotion and other vague crap like that because those who know what i'm on about, dont need to be told. cheers! n happy landings :)

    Porcupine Tree

    Pearl Jam