Scrobbling tracks from vinyl, cassette, 8-track, DAT, reel-to-reel and more!


4 May 2009, 17:00

I've been using for just over a year (I know I registered back in April 2006, but I only scrobbled three tracks between that date and March 2008) and although it's wonderful to be able to have detailed statistics about my music listening habits, I've been slightly disappointed that my stats don't always reflect exactly what I've been listening to. You see, I listen to rather a lot of music on vinyl and CD, but can obviously only take into account what I've been listening to on my Mac or iPod.

I looked for a solution in the forums, but most suggestions seemed to involve listening to a record on a turntable whilst playing the same album on an iPod with the volume turned down, or creating silent MP3 files to play through a media player - for example, iTunes - at the same time. Both of these solutions seemed far from ideal. What I was really looking for was a means of quickly and easily submitting scrobbles manually.

The answer, I discovered, is to use a combination of Firefox, Greasemonkey, a script called ScRYMble and the Rate Your Music website. I normally use Safari, so I installed Firefox, Greasemonkey and ScRYMble (instructions on how to install scripts are available on the Greasemonkey website).

Once everything has been installed, a series of options for ScRYMble will appear below the tracklisting on every Rate Your Music release page. All you have to do is enter your username and password. A checkbox is provided next to each song so you can pick and choose which tracks to scrobble. You are then given the option of scrobbling in real-time (to scrobble songs as you're listening to a release) or to scrobble a previous play (ScRYMble will then ask you how many hours ago the release was played and scrobble all the selected tracks). This allows you to submit scrobbles for any album or combination of tracks in the Rate Your Music database, enabling effective scrobbling (albeit manually) of music on any format whatsoever!


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