LaLaLand Records to release expanded 3CD Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack


25 May 2012, 17:31

Discs 1 and 2 include the score for the film’s theatrical release and premiere the early rejected cues that Goldsmith composed early on in the scoring process. The 1979 original LP soundtrack follows, much of which was performed and edited differently than the actual film cues. This program concludes the second disc, with Disc 3 presenting additional alternates (including those heard on the previous Sony expanded CD release of 1999, Columbia C2K 66134) and yet more bonus material. Among the highlights are early takes of the “Main Title” (including extensive stage chatter), isolated segments featuring Craig Huxley’s “blaster beam” and synthesizer effects, the domestic CD debut of jazz artist Bob James’ disco cover version of Goldsmith’s theme plus Shaun Cassidy’s vocal version of the movie’s love theme, “A Star Beyond Time.” Tireless co-producer Mike Matessino and film historian Jeff Bond contribute new liner notes based on interviews with Botnick, Huxley, session violinist (and a distinguished composer in his own right) David Newman and the late Goldsmith. The clamshell packaging and 40-page full color booklet have been designed by Jim Titus.

This expansive set, a limited edition of 10,000 units, will be available directly from La-La Land Records beginning on June 5. Los Angeles-based fans, however, might want to consider attending a very special evening on June 4. Hollywood’s Arclight Cinemas (coincidentally, next door to Amoeba Music!) will host Jeff Bond as moderator of a 90-minute panel discussion about the music of ST: TMP. Currently scheduled guests include Bruce Botnick, Craig Huxley, David Newman, Mike Matessino and the film’s Director of Photography, Richard H. Kline! Botnick and Huxley will be on hand to sign copies of the CD at the special pre-release price of $30.00, and a screening of the original film’s Director’s Cut will follow the panel discussion and signing. Event tickets are $17.50 and are available for purchase here. Tickets will be available at the door for $20.00. The full track listing, revealed at, follows!

Jerry Goldsmith, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Columbia Records JS-36334, 1979 – reissued La-La Land LLLCD 1207, 2012)

CD 1: The Film Score

Overture (1:43)
Main Title / Klingon Battle (7:01)
Total Logic (3:54)
Floating Office (1:08)
The Enterprise (6:02)
Malfunction (1:30)
Goodbye Klingon / Goodbye Epsilon Nine / Pre-Launch (2:10)
Leaving Drydock (3:32)
TV Theme / Warp Point Eight (0:50)
No Goodbyes (0:53)
Spock’s Arrival (2:03)
TV Theme / Warp Point Nine (1:49)
Meet V’Ger (3:06)
The Cloud (5:05)
V’Ger Flyover (5:01)
The Force Field (5:07)
Micro Exam (1:13)
Games / Spock Walk (9:51)
System Inoperative (2:03)
Hidden Information (3:58)
Inner Workings (4:04)

CD 2: The Film Score (Tracks 1-3), The Unused Early Score (Tracks 4-10), The 1979 Album (Tracks 11-19)

V’Ger Speaks (4:04)
The Meld / A Good Start (5:37)
End Title (3:16)
The Enterprise (6:05)
Leaving Drydock (2:39)
No Goodbyes (0:55)
Spock’s Arrival (2:00)
Micro Exam (1:15)
Games (3:49)
Inner Workings (4:43)
Main Title / Klingon Battle (6:50)
Leaving Drydock (3:29)
The Cloud (5:00)
The Enterprise (5:59)
Ilia’s Theme (3:00)
Vejur Flyover (4:56)
The Meld (3:15)
Spock Walk (4:17)
End Title (3:16)

CD 3: Alternates (Tracks 1-16), Additional Music (Tracks 17-25)

Overture (Long Version) (2:50)
Main Title (Alternate Take) (1:44)
Total Logic (Alternate Take) (3:49)
Malfunction (Early Take) (1:28)
Goodbye Klingon (Alternate Take) (0:35)
No Goodbyes (Alternate Take) (0:53)
Spock’s Arrival (Alternate Take) (2:01)
The Force Field (Alternate Take) (5:04)
Micro Exam (Alternate Take) (1:14)
Games (Early Synthesizer Version) (3:48)
Games (Alternate Take) (3:48)
Inner Workings (Alternate Take) (4:05)
V’Ger Speaks (Alternate Take) (4:03)
The Meld (Film Version) (3:16)
A Good Start (Discrete) (2:27)
Main Title (Album Take) (1:44)
Main Title (First Raw Takes) (7:21)
The Force Field / The Cloud (Excerpts) (2:33)
Beams and Synthesizer for V’ger (4:04)
Beams and Synthesizer for Ilia (0:59)
Synthesizer for Main Theme (1:44)
Main Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Bob James) (5:24)
A Star Beyond Time (Shaun Cassidy) (2:43)
Ilia’s Theme (Alternate) (3:33)
Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Concert Edit) (3:25)


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