Hooked on the Venus


15 Ene 2006, 17:18

...wow, I've just noticed how much Help she Can't Swim and Christiana Aguleria (sp??) has been played. That's all my sisters doing. Gah. But oh well.
Still hooked on Saetia, Yesterday I learnt to play 'Venus And Bacchus'. It's now my second favourite song.
1.Opeth- 'Dirge for November'
2.Saetia- 'Venus and Bacchus'
3.Foo Fighters- 'Generator'
4.Johann Pachabel-'Canon in Dmajor'
I've only bought 2 new CD's so far this year, and ive had 5 given to me I think, 6 tomorrow. 3 are A Perfect Circle, 2 are Porcupine Tree and 1 is Reuben. Im just trying to listen to loads at the moment. Broaden my tastes.
The furthest ive ever branched out is Japanese Rock and Rasputina. And I'm most confortable listening to stuff like Rasputina. But at the moment, I'm really craving Heavy Metal. But ive got a friend who is supplying me with that...all is good.


  • Qula

    Wana Broaden ur tastes? Well seeing that I know u like Interpol, I'l find u some similar music to that andu can be embraced into the world of Indie and Alternative rock :D

    15 Ene 2006, 20:58
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