I Can't Wait For Melvins


20 Nov 2006, 17:33

As you may be aware, me and my good buddy Awesome Wells went to Dublin recently and we were planning on going back over next month to see Melvins.
However, finances (eg it being the run up to Xmas, my girlfriend's birthday being Xmas Eve etc) meant that for me, at least, it was a no-no, so we've decided to go to Manchester to see them instead.
I was checking U:MACK's site for upcoming gig news in Dublin (because it's such a great easy to get to place) and read about the upcoming Melvins show:

The Melvins are headlining u:mack's xmas party! They are now officially a four-piece. The new members are Jared Warren and Coady Willis, the guys from Big Business. They have double everything this time. Double drums. Double, triple and even quadruple vocals, double bass and guitar... Well, not really double bass and guitar but... DOUBLE DRUMS everybody! This will be super colossal and totally beyond reason.

Very, very special guests on the night are America's finest sleaze-art, anti-groove, brutally loved/hated punk rock band of all time, Flipper. FLIPPER?? THE Fucking Flipper? Playing in Dublin?? Original members Stephen DePace, Bruce Loose & Ted Falconi have reformed with Krist Novoselic guesting on bass for a handful of dates.. and this is one of them. Un-fucking-missable

The incredible power duo Big Business, Jared Warren (Karp), Bass guitar and Vocals and Coady Willis (Murder City Devils) on Drums, will be playing a set before getting to work as part of The Melvins, and if thats not enough San Fransisco psychedelic stoner rockers Porn open the fucking show!

This bill better be coming to Manchester too!!


  • awesome_wells

    A Senile Animal really is a great record, I'm not just saying this because it's the latest album that The Melvins has made or because I am going to see them on the tour for the LP either. Some of their earlier stuff is so-so by comparison (however, some is quite simply supreme too), but this offering seems inspired. If they have the 2 drummers on stage playing in time with each other, well, I think I might jus cream in my jeans. That would be some spectacle to see.

    3 Dic 2006, 22:51
  • vonbulletbelt

    What would be a spectacle? Two drummers on one stage or your moment face when you do a sex wee in your kecks? You filthy bugger.

    4 Dic 2006, 20:46
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