• Stars rock!

    21 Sep 2008, 19:34

    Sat 20 Sep – Stars, Bell X1

    Stars were amazing last night. They played plenty of material from their major albums. They started with The Night Starts Here, and moved on to Ageless Beauty, which nearly brought tears to my eyes. They had a second guitarist doing all the lead parts that Amy Millan couldn't do, and he really rocked them out. This was definitely the case where the live format brings out intensity in a band that you normally wouldn't expect. I particularly liked watching the chemistry of the members of the band, always egging each other on. The sound at Terminal 5 was really good, if on the quiet side. My only two complaints are that they didn't play The Ghost of Genova Heights, which I was SO looking forward to singing along with, and the crowd was pretty tame. Why didn't you dance, guys? Either way Stars delivered an excellent show.

    Oh, yeah, also Bellx1 was pretty good. They reminded me of a gloomier Third Eye Blind. It was mostly big epic ballads, but they had a couple rockers, and one song where the lead singer asked the crowd to bring the funk. I know I did, but like I said, the crowd was pretty tame. They ended their set by leading from one song into a cover of Do You Realize?, which I though was cool.
  • bank

    25 Feb 2008, 12:44

    So, after I saw Pretty Girls Make Graves in August, I thought of a great band name: The Cameramen. Then In June, September, and October, I made a few recordings under that name. This morning I discovered that was allowing artists to collect royalties on music that people stream from the site if the artist uploads the music. What? Getting paid for music? So of course I did. So now if you go listen to the Free EP, will give me money. Which is sweet. So what you are going to hear is some very sketchy home recordings done completely in audacity. There are also covers of Cryptograms and We Share Our Mothers' Health! GO LISTEN.

    PS: RULE.

    4 Jul 2007, 3:30

    The only thing that could make this band better would be some sweet bass riffs.