25 Feb 2008, 12:44

So, after I saw Pretty Girls Make Graves in August, I thought of a great band name: The Cameramen. Then In June, September, and October, I made a few recordings under that name. This morning I discovered that was allowing artists to collect royalties on music that people stream from the site if the artist uploads the music. What? Getting paid for music? So of course I did. So now if you go listen to the Free EP, will give me money. Which is sweet. So what you are going to hear is some very sketchy home recordings done completely in audacity. There are also covers of Cryptograms and We Share Our Mothers' Health! GO LISTEN.



  • xiphoid_process

    i just realized that the lame profiteering scam i set up with carter is completely ineffective because he was playing tracks from itunes and i only get royalties from streaming or radio play. [b]HAH[/b]. now carter will have 300+ plays of Vaudeville Love Factory on his profile forevarrr! also, i recorded some insane music with my friend tyler, and i need to share it with you sometime soon.

    2 Mar 2008, 19:19
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