• Success? For now, at least.

    22 Dic 2009, 21:48

    My mother, who is very stubborn about the music she listens to, just admitted the most amazing thing to me this morning.
    She wants to go see White Lies with me.
    Amazing, right?
    This is the woman who can't stand pretty much all of my music.
    The one who will only listen to Libertines under force.
    And don't get me started on the Sex Pistols.
    I think the only band she and I like is like, the Beatles.
    And that doesn't really count.
    To think that she didn't really like White Lies to begin with, always referring to them as "OH, those guys"
    Yes, mother, those guys.
    So now, I can't wait for the next US tour.
    Heck yes.
    (though she still doesn't like the idea of me going to glastonbury.
    but all in good measure.)