• bs

    29 May 2013, 16:42

    bands seen

    Green Day
    Hladno Pivo
    Atheist Rap
    The Prodigy
    Ortodox Celts
    Ritam Nereda
  • bcx

    6 Ago 2011, 2:28

    you say it too much
    it has lost all its meaning

    you say it soo much
    it doesnt mean anything

    you care too mch
    it s all in the vain

    shes forgot all about
    and now you re in pain

    dont you know
    that litttle girl
    dont want to be treated nicely
    you re overdoing
    and she ll suck you out

    she just has this golden locks
    that are spreading in million other (different) colors
    you never knew of
    and cant

    cos she s so much bigger than you
    your heart is beating
    for all the wrong reasons
    she knows what shes for

    she knows everything
    but whats with herself
    in her never made bed
    and mess
    she lies
    and her thougts are flying
    and expounding
    to the boudaries
    there isnt any
    but shes dying