• A grey day.

    16 Nov 2008, 6:37

    Fri 14 Nov – facts n figurines CD Release Show

    11-14-08. A day to remember. On 11-14-1973, in the United Kingdom, Princess Anne marries Captain Mark Phillips, in Westminster Abbey. 35 years later on that day, in the United States, Anne Adams releases her album "Facts n Figurines", in The Artistery in Portland, without official relationship statement.. It was a marvelous evening. Full of emotions and with the promised tears of relief, Grey Anne (aka Anne Adams) proofed once again her outstanding and unusual talent. A rising star over the Willamette and Columbia River, together with the female vocalist band "The Online Romance", which actually consisted of just one woman at that time, and the electronica-symphonica sensation "Guidance Counselor". A pity for them who missed it.