Is this what life is all about?


26 May 2008, 0:35

Wan Light

In such a state as my life is in right now, there only really seems to be one song that cheers me up and it's this one. I'm not sure which version I prefer. The Ostrich Churchyard version from 1981 or the one from their debut long player, You Can't Hide Your Love Forever from 1982. I guess it would have to be the latter. It would appear that the horn section gives it an edge which just makes you go all gooey. I like the way that when "Wan light surrounds my heart" comes in, the arpeggios of the guitar hover around the vocals creating a further atmosphere ready for the horns to make a jabbing re-entry lending further excitement until Edwyn Collins comes in singing "Is this what life is all about?" until the coda finishes off the song with a pair of ill-fitting chords (F minor and G major for those of you in the know) with the horns begin to ascend across the appropriate notes and then resting on the C major to wrap things up nicely. James Kirk must have been rubbing his hands with joy when he wrote this masterpiece.


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