instrumentals mix tape.


16 May 2006, 4:12

I've compiled a mix of some of my favourite instrumental songs. It took a great deal of consideration and there are many that didn't make the final cut. If you have any suggestions for additions or just want to suggest some good instrumental stuff then just then let me know in one of those little ol' comment boxes so conveniently placed below this entry. Side One is the more upbeat one and Size Two is more "mellon collie." Haha, I'm so freaking funny.

Da Funk
War Photographer
The Number Song
Left Hand Suzuki Method
J.A.T.S. Are Go!
Busy Child
Big lost
Frontier Psychiatrist
Mandarine Girl
Fender Bender

Lovely Head (Miss World mix)
Don't Save Us From the Flames
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Crazy (Instrumental)
Highschool Lover (Theme from The Virgin Suicides)
Dumb This Down
Tristesse Globale
Lux Aeterna

Yes, I know. One of the unwritten rules of making mixes is to not include two songs by the same artist. Fuck the rules. I couldn't pass up two M83 songs on this mix.



  • petty_thug

    nice list. I could suggest tons of additions. well I'll just mention what came to mind first - I wouldn't call it instrumental cause this music style is usually instrumental but check out the new apparat EP: berlin, montreal, tel aviv. essential stuff.

    17 May 2006, 22:02
  • Heggs

    There's some nice music here although some of these have vocals, albeit very few. All the same, I really like it. You make me want to make my own :]

    10 Jun 2006, 8:47
  • flamearrows

    Hi, I've been really enjoying the so tired mix you put together. So much so that I may actually buy the albums of some of the artists :) Which rather brings me to my next point - would you be willing to put these up for download off yousendit or similar? I have a few of these tracks (DJ Shadow, Avalanches, Goldfrapp & SP) but finding the whole lot for an album experience is very challenging. Anyway, no dramas if you don't want to. Shoot me a line if you decide to upload something :D Thanks, Lloyd. (flamearrows[at]

    15 Feb 2007, 10:06
  • idiotsdream

    You should definately add 'Aerodynamic' and/or 'Voyager' by Daft Punk :)

    19 Oct 2007, 16:13
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