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  • topjim

    Just read that and missed an n in meningitus. Cor blimey, what kind of mood am i in today??

    20 Nov 10:19 Responder
  • topjim

    I used to comment news threads from time to time. Some of my opinions were thumbed up by majorities. There were other comments i would make that upset alot of people. I would receive insults for some things i might say. For example. I tire of the RIP ers everytime a a bunch of schoolkids get eaten up by polar bears on a trip to Svalbard Island. It becomes a major news story and the world sheds a tear for these prividged kids. Meanwhile hundreds of kids die of menigitus each year and they don't get a mention. Shouldn't the world shed a tear for them too. I'm sure they suffer alot more. Fancy cruise around Antartica? You can do that nowadays. And in 10 years when a ship hits an iceberg and 1000 rich american tourists frezze to death in the water, the RIPers will be out making their RIP comments. All the while, little johnny sits in Great Ormond Street hospital dying of cancer.

    20 Nov 10:17 Responder
  • topjim

    Don't worry, big brother exists here. The thought police are in full operation in this country. We are slowly being forced to think the same. Dare to speak out of turn on social media and you can expect a police visit and a possibly a prison sentence, longer than that of murderer, Oscar Pistorius. It has already happened. Free speech is dying as each day passes, and the right to harbour your own thoughts and opinions will follow. We will soon all be the same. I wish i could remember the 1980's sci fi movie where people come from a future where nobody dies, where everybody is nice to each other and accidents never happen. All i can really remember is how incredibly dull and boring these people from the future were.

    20 Nov 9:58 Responder
  • topjim

    Can you watch the BBC iplayer from Bulgaria?? Tonight is a Rossetta special on 'The Sky at Night'. I'll get all my info from that. And i too beleive my brain will die and everything in it will be gone forever. There is no evidence of anything else. You have to allow me the comfort to believe that life will be experienced again, not by me, it won't have any connection with me as a person. The landing of the Rossetta will just be a story written in history books to eyes of the next life. there will be no memories of me. Whatever the life, it will feel as it is living for the 1st time ever. No karma or anything like that. Just not nothingness for eternity. That will do for me. I sound like a religious nutcase but sure you're right. I'm just being idealistic

    16 Nov 12:41 Responder
  • topjim

    You do seem very excited about the probe, that is true. Who know's what will happen after you die. I like to think that your conscienceness (or spirit, i suppose) will possess the birth of another living organisim with a brain that is empty to grow and be filled with experience and knowledge all over again. You could have many many lifetimes reincarnating themselves as somebody interested in the Cosmos. Then you won't miss a thing, except for those infant years you will have to endure. Anyway, I thought it did drill a sample already and results are already here. Maybe i'm wrong. I did read up on BB. First impressions are 'at least he's lived a bit'. Worked a bit. Not like Cameron who went to school, left school and became Prime Minister. Off to watch England Slovenia. I'd like to visit that place. :)

    15 Nov 16:28 Responder
  • topjim

    On Bobby Bare's artist page, he has constant listening trend of about 300 listens a week. Last week it spiked to about 500. Why was this?? Was it you?? :)

    15 Nov 14:49 Responder
  • topjim

    Never heard of Bobby Bare, but i like it. I was aware that the probe did manage to carry out it's chores, getting samples etc. I only said what i said because they said on news earlier that it is 'touch and go' as to wether they will be successful in getting it's batteries recharged now it's been manouevred and the solar panels in the correct position. I hope so. The pictures are amazing. I shall read up on your new PM

    15 Nov 14:40 Responder
  • topjim

    I don't think i could kill anybody either. Although i do have doubts about that when Tony Blair appears on the TV. He makes my blood boil. When i think about it, it's only polititians that i would like to see suffer. Rapist and murderers are already suffering i hope. But probably not enough in opinion. I'm listening to the new Pink Floyd album. 18 songs, all instrumental except for the last one. Each song sounds like a re-hash of a previous PF song from either the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. But it's not horrible as you would think, like Tubular Bells 2 or 3. It's soo Pink Floyd it makes the hairs on my arms stand on end. For that to happen on a 1st listen seems a bit unusual. I'm telling you this because i notice a bit of PF in your lists and think maybe you have a fondness for them. Tell me if i'm wrong.

    15 Nov 13:52 Responder
  • topjim

    Wow, that's tripping my head out. Much better than the country and western i'm listening to. It's brilliant. Thanks for that link. I'm saving that. Shame it ran out of batteries pretty much the moment it landed. All that time and distance just to be a fridge on a planet. i'm kidding of course, they have managed to manoeuvre it so it may survive. It blows my mind. It's great that more countries are developing their own space programs. Soon there will a launch of something or other every week. I have a strong desire to witness a rocket launch. I never saw it coming but the future has begun. What's the name of the female sexist homophobe book you are reading?? :)

    15 Nov 13:30 Responder
  • topjim

    I told my mother that people who care about animals more than humans have never seen a human suffer. It was a quote i used from a movie. But she has, so i have no case. She does love me, just not as much as her dogs, :) So what are you up to?? Are you still doing your translating work?? Have you made any steps about getting away this winter, even if it's just the name of a country. Picked up my visa today. Just being in the Ghana Embassy feels like being in Ghana. The people are so polite. Not a pushchair in sight. All babies strapped around their mother's waist. How organic. I love that. :)

    5 Nov 16:53 Responder
  • topjim

    There is just a handfull of people risking their lives to help with the ebola thing. You are right. I know for sure i would not be willing to risk my life in equatorial climates fully geared up from head to toe in horrible overalls. i have to say, i don't think most people think they deserve it for being stupid and uneducated. The only ones that do are the stupid and ignorant. I gotta admit that it makes me laugh that as soon as a Brit gets it, it's 'all hands on deck'. Fuck the 4000 that got infected prior to that, lol. Just coz they are Africans. I think here in the UK we have a larger percentage that do care compared to places such as Russia for example.But i really have no idea what the Russians are doing about ebola. It's a bit like the beheadings in Iraq.Thousands have died and we only take any action as soon as 1 westerner dies. And yes, my mother let it slip that she was worried that i would kill her dogs.She even tried to make me picture the scene of 2 dead dogs lying dead lol

    5 Nov 16:42 Responder
  • topjim

    Ghana is booked for early December. I'm slightly concerned about the state of the ebola crisis by then but don't think i'll be at risk in Ghana. Already the bars and restaurants out there are using plastic cups and cutlery. To be honest, i think Ghana would do a better job of keeping it out of the country than we would here. It's all being very sensationalized by the news coverage, and is scaring those less well informed, witless. Take my mother for example. She has got it in her head that i'll get infected and bring it back and kill her dogs with it. I have assured her that i will keep away from the dogs while my disease is going through it's 3 week incubation period, lol. How about you??? Have you done anything about going away, or are you still sitting on your hands ?? :)

    19 Oct 11:02 Responder
  • topjim

    I never give to charity (nudge nudge). I closed down my Facebook for reasons similar to what you have mentioned.Too many sites like to share my activities on Facebook. I also got tired of emails inviting me to so and so's village fete etc, and not to mention how much of a chore it is to read about what people had for breakfast, or what teacher said about little Johnny. Was only really interested in showing off photos of where i've been, but now i no longer want to do that. Could be because im getting old and dont look good in photos anymore :p I'm trying to slowly slip off the radar. Drop my dated ideas and leave the progress of earth to the new generation. They appear to desire peace and harmony.

    19 Oct 10:44 Responder
  • topjim

    Why was your dad so interested in the Scottish referendum? The way the build up was going, i was certain they would vote for independence. Was surprised they didnt. Spent my life listening to Scots banging on about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. I thought they've been wanting independence for centuries. And now,, last week, they had the opportunity,,,,, and they bottled it. ha ha ha. It's the young voters there i feel sorry for. They feel embarrassed and totally let down. I think we will have a borderless world, eventually. That'll be around the time of teleportation. :)

    29 Sep 9:20 Responder
  • topjim

    Oh selfies. It's another example of cutting corners and dumbing down. Speed photography. I think the worst image of the year was Obama, Cameron and Merkel doing a selfie together at Mendela's funeral event thingy. It was totally obscene. Does selfies mean nobody asks strangers to take pictures anymore? Does iphones mean nobody talks to each other at bus stops anymore?? I'm going to create a facebook account of the modern world around us. Nothing personal, no pictures of me, but just the world i see. By the way. Slacktivism. Very good :)

    29 Sep 9:10 Responder
  • topjim

    Sure, there's alot of nasty characters out there that get their kicks out of making vile comments on the internet from the safety of their bedrooms. Again, i pity them for being so unhappy, but should allow them right to be noticed, i guess. Wouldn't it be cruel to lock somebody's voice to the confines of their own heads, while everbody else is making celebrities of themselves?? Do anything enough and the actions of my fellow humans start to grate. Driving is a perfect example. I hate everybody after a day of that. Last time i got on a train somebody dropped their burger on my foot. I was wearing flip flops. Sometimes i have to close my ears to world news and open them to more local news. It's always nicer. Maybe i should spend more time in the company of old people too. They are very comforting, unlike the sterile youth trying to tell me what's important in life. Have you been aware of last week's Scottish vote for independence? It's been a big thing here.

    21 Sep 15:54 Responder
  • topjim

    Has someone been calling you "hunny bunny"? ;)

    20 Sep 16:45 Responder
  • topjim

    I'm sure you can use homophones in poetry :) It reminds me of a scene that cannot be written down. "A man looks out of his window. In front of him he sees a woman sewing on a bench. Behind him in a field he sees a farmer sowing seeds". It's impossible to write down in English "a man saw 2 people doing 2 different types of s*wing" This seems to be a one off. My brother and i cannot think of any other word that has the same kind of conundrum. I think it's good that people can translate old English. I fear for the future of the English language being text speak and Acronyms. Grammar is important to me and i can see that eroding away and losing it's importance. Soon to be able to use correct spelling and grammar will become an art form like Caligraphy or Latin. Can you speak Latin??

    18 Sep 11:18 Responder
  • topjim

    The phrase "I shall be gentle unto your form the now" makes no sense to me. Where is it from? Just translate "I shall be gentle to your form for now." That sounds almost erotic. Am i within the right context? I think were you to get caught with a bit of ganja in your pocket abroad you might get a slap on the wrist, maybe offer them a bit of cash. Never seems to be like when i was 21 and went to Rhodes with my mates. We all believed the Greeks would lock you up for 2 years for having just a joint's worth. That holiday we drank alot. lol. Still to this day don't know what the Greek policy towards weed is. I'm sure it's nothing.They are in the EU after all. Anyway. My bed has arrived 10 minutes outside the delivery window. I just reprimanded the driver for being miserable. I bet he appreciated that, lol. I can go and enjoy St. Vera day now. And 'yes' i have friends that don't even let me talk. One in particular, i've known for about 10 years. I wonder if he knows anything about me at all

    17 Sep 12:49 Responder
  • topjim

    Thanks for yr recent messages. You seem to make all the points that exist in my mind that fail to emerge. I'm curious about Uruguay. Apparently weed is legal there and i have this vision of it being the Amsterdam of South America. It's my birthday today and i'm building Swedish flat pack furniture. I'm also waiting for a bed to be delivered. Exciting eh, but i thought it would be ok, my fone would be going crazy while i wait. But no, even my own mother appears to have forgotten, lol. I sometimes listen to music on Spotify but i can't put up with ads after every 2 or 3 songs. It's annoying. I listen to my own collection most of time. I forget you went to S.A. The people are lovely. I have so much fun with the Africans. They don't appear to suffer from stress or depression. They have nothing but know how to enjoy life. In Accra, there is always something going on on each and every weeknight, from reggae bands on the beach to traditional highlife music at other venues. I can't wait :)

    17 Sep 10:48 Responder
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"The greatest pain sometimes comes from our own self-knowledge. What we are in the eyes of others and what we know ourselves to be."

O que há em mim é sobretudo cansaço —
Não disto nem daquilo,
Nem sequer de tudo ou de nada:
Cansaço assim mesmo, ele mesmo,

A subtileza das sensações inúteis,
As paixões violentas por coisa nenhuma,
Os amores intensos por o suposto em alguém,
Essas coisas todas —
Essas e o que falta nelas eternamente —;
Tudo isso faz um cansaço,
Este cansaço,