¡Forward, Once More!


19 Feb 2006, 0:49

How much do I love ¡Forward, Russia!?

It's getting to be beyond a joke. Went to see them last night with my neighbour (From Luxembourg, no less) and they were awesome! Supported by Tw fellow DTTR acts, I was muchos impressed as always.

The Pigeon Detectives were really good and had me dancing like a loon. I particularly enjoyed the lead-singers blatant disregard for his fellow band-members' safety; the effects of water on electrics; and property damage in general. Twice through the set I was, myself, nearly killed by flying microphone stands. Great stuff...

Kubichek! followed and... Well, I wasn't too impressed. Their big epic-y tunes were very very good, but the more straightforward stuff wasn't to my taste. Ach, well.

¡Forward, Russia! were, for the fourth time, absolutely genius. Sixteen was, as per usual, their best tune of the night. There is no greater joy than shouting from one to ten along with Katie during this song. I saw Fifteen Pt. 2 for the first time last night, and along with the extended proggy intro to Twelve necessitated by Katie fixing her drum-kit, this made it feel 'bigger' as a gig. Or something...

The lack of Fourteen was again notable, but the usual finishing double-barreled shotgun blast of Nine and Eleven is enough to make me forget. Great stuff, by a fantastic band.

My next gig is either Johnny Truant (Yes, THAT Johnny Truant... I know it's not my usual, but they're awesom) on Monday or the bootiful Delays on Thursday. Luvverly stuff.

This week, I am mostly been listening to Death Cab for Cutie. Only two weeks! Whoop!


  • XanLoves

    I was there, it was quite awesome. It was my girlfriend that got moved to the front due to her being squashed, heh heh. Got me a good front row barier holding jumping about like crazy position. Kubichek! & ¡F,R! were great. Nice review/journal!

    20 Feb 2006, 10:27
  • euphemist

    i predict great things for iforward, russia! and kubichek! how can you not think great things will to bands with ! in their names? ha. iforward, russia! is playing a show here in my neck of the woods (LA) next month and ill be right up front, cheering on four as i want to scream out electric car whilst the unknowing onlookers gawk. theyve not caught on here in the states yet... at least i dont think they have. have fun at delays! theyre great live.

    21 Feb 2006, 0:36
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