The Hospitals – The Hospitals 8.1


15 Jul 2010, 5:02

The Hospitals are disgusting, low life scumbags. Since they are such horrible people, they feel the need to express this via music, or whatever you’d call this. Personally, I like this one better than “Hairdryer Peace” since it is so much catchier.

Only 26 minutes or so, you get their idea about rock and roll should be fairly quickly, particularly in the harrowing tale of “Rock and Roll is killing my Life”. Starting with an almost subtle noisy intro, it then blasts into a 50s guitar riff that would’ve been envied by an insane zombie Buddy Holly. Ripping into your eardrums like a razor-blade q-tip, you will never have this leave your head.

“Friends” is another highlight, expressing the joy of having friends surround you. So that way you can torture them with guitars that sound so awful that they wish they were “lo-fi”. Smudgy garage rock with extra noise thrown in, this is head and shoulders above most other “shitgaze” bands, the closest relative probably being Times New Viking. Ridiculously catchy stuff we have right here, and they can’t hide it.

Times New Viking
The Hospitals


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