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  • DepressedZombie

    Haha well I think you'll be fine. That is awesome:) I wish I had the money to do some traveling too :| . and I'm on it. I'm looking for a job, you see,I got tired of not having money haha a soon as I figure this out I will keep on studying, just don't know yet. Hey did you already listen to the new toe albu m?. It's nice, a little different from their previous work:)

    24 Jul 19:33 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    Oh and btw, thanks, it's a pretty song. I liked it^^

    20 Jul 9:05 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    Uhm.. it's ok. What do your mean by loneliness?(dumb question, I know). . Yup, we are getting something like that in some part of the country too. Cattle is dying and shit. It just wouldn't rain. Anyways..yes it sucks a lot, I just wish I could change things, mostly myself since I know I am the problem. I'm getting real bad.again:/. I will go. As long as I have the money of coursexD. So what plans do you have for summer then? Besides getting a heatstroke, of coursexD

    20 Jul 9:00 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    Indeed, it looks like never stops.. what's wrong?. And yes yes yes I quite like it this way, not too hot, not too cold:). Yeh I noticed it has some resemblance to mine. Though you seem thoughtful haha :). And yes in part is the same old shit plus I had some problems with a friend but it doesn't matter anymore I guess, since I won't see her again lol. And I never listened to any of their songs:|. I do know that motorama will be here sometime this year.:D they were supposed to play here last month but cancelled the day before-_-

    13 Jul 17:56 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    I'm doing ok I guess. Just going thru some shit, but whatever. Lol and it's been a great summer! :D raining every day you know haha. What about yourself? How did you do with the exams in the end? PS: Dayum I like your profile picture:))

    13 Jul 16:06 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    So how did it go with the exams? Gods.. did you watch the season finale?D: I still can't believe it. I feel horrible and excited.. I wish I had never seen this shit program :c they always use the same formula, they give you a happy moment and then they crush it with death. lol fuck them.:)

    15 Jun 10:05 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    Yup but I don't think I like to spend so much time at home anymore haha. You get used to be outside working almost all day then just get home to sleep and then wake up the next day to go to work and so it goes on :|. BTW did you watch last night's game of thrones?? So flipping awesome!*__* best action scene ever! I'm reading the books as well: D

    2 Jun 2:11 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    I know right haha. basically what caused the problem were some bad surveys I received._. But still most of them were pretty good. I had a good performance imo.. so yeah Whatever nothing I can do anymore. God Roni you always have exams:D. And thanks:)

    28 May 19:18 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    How come? I just checked it out for a couple of minutes since it is only the beta version. isn't it? I checked it and even the shoutbox was outdated haha it was showing shouts from last year.lol I don't know.I liked the new look anyway. And been better.. I'm going thru some shit:| lost my job as well.-_- but I don't want to whine so yeah.. how is it going over there? oh and it's raining again so finally those freaking hot summer days are gone:DD

    27 May 7:55 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    Took me a couple of minutes to find them. I was actually looking for "O children I'm in love" lol yeah I'm that smart. i liked "Ruins", the vocals are quite powerful and yeah lol I see you've been listening the shit out of them. the new last fm is looking good so far though:D it's refreshing

    26 May 18:31 Responder
  • manegroth8

    Hi, vezi poate-ti place, A'la haken trupa, suna bine zic eu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gENgdGTU5Jo

    17 May 9:42 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    :> glad you like it. That song is catchy as hell, and yeah only that I've been getting way more into shoegaze/dreampop stuffc:

    12 May 3:07 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    lol and I just realized how dumb what I just said was since I can see here what you've been listening to XD but still I don't know many of those bands._.

    11 May 20:24 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    Mm ok but I'm not sure of what kind of music you are into anymore. but check em out: https://youtu.be/9uq_4uVILag https://youtu.be/ceplcR8G1mI https://youtu.be/kCXxVEHbFj0 .that's what I've been listening to lately. Nice, calm stuff=)

    11 May 20:17 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    Nah I'm just kidding, nevermind me haha It does look cool :)

    11 May 6:50 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    yeah, kind of haha.. I'm afraid if I stare too long it will devour my soulxD I know that's you though lol sorry )

    8 May 8:41 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    It is, if you stare long enough:)

    6 May 21:05 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    I know right? I loved it right away:) Yours is a little creepy tho. lolxD

    6 May 3:39 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    Watch this http://youtu.be/9PGiTzF8QFg the mountain vs the vampire xD dang hilarious!!

    18 Mar 18:56 Responder
  • DepressedZombie

    I know right.. but I haven't been listening to bm that much so you mentioned it and that's what came to my mind. btw did you already check the new carach angren album? Lyrics are so br0tal tho :D

    18 Mar 18:48 Responder
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