Thirty Questions About My Top Thirty


2 Dic 2009, 1:09

1. How did you get into 29?
Off With Their Heads: Hating and wanting to strangle the life from everything and everyone.

2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
Samiam: Either Sunshine or She Found You. It was a long-ass time ago.

3. How many albums by 13 do you own?
The Copyrights: Depends on how far you're willing to stretch your definition of "own." Physically? None. But I "have" four full-lengths, two splits and two EPs.

4. What is your favorite song by 15?
Dillinger Four: I don't think a true D4 fan~ could possibly pick a favorite song. Everything they do is phenomenal but The Classical Arrangement, Like Sprewells on a Wheelchair and Are You The Motherfucker With The Banana? are especially bonerrific.

5. What is your favorite song by 5?
Latterman: My Bedroom Is Like For Artists

6. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?
Hot Water Music: So many. Trusty Chords is such a cliche answer, but it's true (now for other reasons as well haha). Driving Home is my favorite HWM song and has never failed to pick me up when I'm in the mood to kill everyone and then myself. Giver, Drunken Third and Choked and Separated are also great anti-depressants.

7. What is your favorite song by 10?
Andrew Jackson Jihad: Unfair question. Little Prince (El Principito), Self Esteem, People II: The Reckoning and Fly My Ass are all perfect.

8. What is a good memory you have involving 30?
A Wilhelm Scream:

9. Is there a song by 19 that makes you happy?
Paint It Black: But of course. Memorial Day, Past Tense, Future Perfect, Womb Envy and Shell Game Redux.

10. How many times have you seen 25 live?
Cobra Skulls: Twice, actually. Devin loves me!

12. What is your favorite album by 11?
Banner Pilot: Does Pass the Poison count? If I have to pick a full-length, definitely Resignation Day.

13. What is your favorite song by 1?
The Lawrence Arms: The Disaster March. Duh.

14. Have you ever seen 14 live?
Alkaline Trio: Also twice. Skeebs looked like a gay nazi both times.

15. What is a good memory involving 27?
Smoke or Fire: Seeing them live in Santa Cruz this past February was pretty rad.

16. What is your favorite song by 16?
Shorebirds: Tinctures Are 90% Alcohol is the favorite but Bubz Song and the movie is almost over are magnificent.

17. What is your favorite album by 18?
Nothington: They're both really really good. I guess the last few songs on All In are pretty forgettable, so I'll give the edge to Roads, Bridges, and Ruins.

18. What is your favorite song by 21?
Shook Ones: Goddamnit. Order Form definitely has some of their best lyrics, but the new album is SO GOOD. Birds On Ice and For Flannel are both the tits.

19. What is the first song you ever heard by 26?
The Replacements: I have no idea. Skyway, maybe? Bastards of Young? Not a clue.

20. What is your favorite album by 2?
None More Black: You can't make me choose! I probably listen to File Under Black a little more but This Is Satire is so insanely perfect. Yeah, yeah that doesn't really answer the question. Fuck you.

21. What is you favorite song by 3?
The Weakerthans: Fffffuuuu. Left & Leaving, Confessions of a Futon-Revolutionist, Aside, This Is a Fire Door Never Leave Open, Tournament of Hearts, both Virtute songs, Fallow dfjas;dfklj; I CANT PICK.

22. What is you favorite song by 8?
Kid Dynamite: Oh for fuck's sake. Does "the entire S/T" count? I usually say Heart A Tact is my favorite, but K05-0564 is one of the best songs ever written and I've been really into S.O.S. lately and I have the biggest boner for Wrist Rocket, 3 O'clock, Fuckuturn and Bookworm. Seriously, an endless supply of handjobs to anyone who can make this band get back together.

23. How many times have you seen 17 live?
The Riot Before: They're near the top of the (lengthy) list of bands I want to see live super badly but they've eluded me twice already. :(

24. What is the worst song by 12?
American Steel: Probably something off Jagged Thoughts. I will never understand why everyone shits their ass over that album as it's clearly the weakest.

25. What was the first song you ever heard by 28?
Gunmoll: Less Than You Hoped For

26. What is you favorite album by 7?
Jawbreaker: 24 Hour Revenge Therapy obviously.

27. What is your favorite song by 24?
The Measure (SA): Roof Beers, Hit The Ground Running and union pool are all fantastic.

28. Is there a song by 9 that makes you happy?
Lifetime: The Verona Kings and Yeems Song For Nothing are super fun and catchy. I don't know, most of my favorite Lifetime songs (read: the entirety of Jersey's Best Dancers) are pretty damn depressing.

29. What is your favorite album by 4?
Propagandhi: I've loved them forever, but Supporting Caste seriously is their best work yet. You could probably pick any of their five albums and get away with it being your favorite though. They're the best.

30. How many albums do you own by 20?
Descendents: I think I still have Everything Sucks and Cool To Be You on CD from back in the day. I obviously have everything they've done on my computer.


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