• Killswitch at Brixton!

    5 Oct 2007, 16:26

    Wed 3 Oct – Killswitch Engage, The Bled, SSS

    Go into the queue about 5.30. Lots of kids were joining the queue, I was quite suprised as Killswitch didnt use to appeal to these types of music fans but at least they were all wearing checkered vans clothes
    Got inside at 7, somehow there was a gap on the barrier even though I was nowhere near the front of the queue.
    SSS were OK, some songs were really short which was refreshing from what you normally get. It started to sound the same after a while though.
    The Bled. Never been much of a fan before although never listened to them much to be honest. The new album "The Silent Treatment" is amazing though and they were awesome here. Loads of energy.
    Killswitch came on to the intro for Daylight Dies with some nice looking search lights shining around the venue. Theres something so fun about KSE live, Adam D with his sick quotes and muscle-pumping. Mike throwing the horns. Joel headbanging. Justin being a hairy drummer. Howard being everywhere. THey are really good with talking to the crowd in between the songs and they always look like they are having a great time which affects the crowd.
    Everyone had a huge great beaming smile on their face, even the security!

    Setlist was:

    Daylight Dies
    Take This Oath
    Life To Lifeless
    The Arms Of Sorrow
    Numbered Days
    Breathe Life
    Fixation On The Darkness
    Still Beats Your Name
    A Bid Farewell
    My Curse
    The End Of Heartache
    Rose Of Sharyn

    My Last Serenade
    Holy Diver
  • My Top 10 Best Gigs (Updated)

    9 Ene 2007, 13:50

    1.Iron Maiden @ Sheffield Arena 18th December 2006
    2.Iron Maiden @ Nottingham Arena 4th December 2003
    3.Metallica @ Download Festival 10th June 2006
    4.Iron Maiden @ Download Festival 30th May 2003
    5.Muse @ Nottingham Arena 28th November 2003
    6.Killswitch Engage @ Nottingham Rock City January 7th 2007
    7.Tool @ Nottingham Arena 1st December 2006
    8.Still Remains @ Nottingham Rock City Basement 23rd May 2006
    9.Muse @ Leeds Festival 27th August 2006
    10.Staind @ Nottingham Rock City 6th March 2006

    11 Dic 2006, 0:31

    I have to been to some fantastic gigs recently, Tool and Muse spring to mind, but on th 18th, I know Iron Maiden will blow them away!

    Heard rumours that Download Festival 2007 will be Muse, Iron Maiden and Dream Theater! That would be amazing. Dream Theater musts be my favourite band that I have never seen live!
    Up the irons!
  • My Top 10 Albums Of 2006

    24 Nov 2006, 13:25

    1. Iron Maiden – A Matter Of Life And Death
    2.Killswitch Engage – As Daylight Dies
    3.My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade
    4.Muse – Black Holes and Revalations
    5.Hundred Reasons – Kill Your Own
    6.Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now
    7.Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
    8.Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist
    9.Placebo – Meds
    10.36 Crazyfists – Rest Inside The Flames

    Iron Maiden
    Killswitch EngageMy Chemical RomanceMuseTaking Back SundayHundred ReasonsBrand NewPlaceboDeftones36 Crazyfists
  • Iron Maiden is getting close!

    7 Nov 2006, 23:12

    Had my tickets for Iron Maiden since March 17th, and its on December 18th!

    Trivium should be good, rumour that Paradise Lost are playing too, not confirmed though.
    They're playing the new album in full, can't wait!

    Anyone else seen them on the tour or is going to?
  • people need to give Fightstar a break

    15 Oct 2006, 23:18

    Who cares if Charlie was in Busted before? He did'nt care for the music and now he's playing music that he enjoys.
    Saw them at Rock City last night, they kicked ass, as always.
    I saw them at Download festival and Leeds festival and they wee great then aswell.
    And a great debut album too, I think he's proved enough.