• Year 2007 Summary

    31 Dic 2007, 20:37

    I'm not exactly sure why i've become disenchanted with most of . Possibly I have changed, possibly the new albums that have come out, are really bad. One of the few exceptions: This Is Our Machine and Nothing Can Stop It, brilliant album, includes instruments you not normally associate with . Poit towards a stale genre, rather than my change. 65daysofstatic's new album lost its shine after a week or so, the only track that has me coming and going is the collaboration with Circle Takes the Square, Conspiracy Of Seeds.
    Caspian's The Four Trees, is boooooooooring.
    Destroyalldreamers's Wish I Was All Flames, was another dissapointment, although it had a spark of what made Á Coeur Léger Sommeil Saglant brilliant, they werent able to reproduce the same fire.... Literally.
    The American Dollar's The Technicolour Sleep did credit to the genre this year, even spelling colour correctly, regardless of nationality.

    A few other post-rock albums that were lost in the noise:
    Far From Refuge
    All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

    Not a great year for , Either the genre has been flogged to death ( quite probable ) or it's me just moving on.

    And now. For the generally mentionable throughout the year:
    Red Album
    L'Homme Pumma
    Lets Stay Friends
    Voices of Omens
    Untrue FUCK YEAH!
    Te' or té if you prefer, their latest album is worth listening to.
    So Many Nights
    Young and Restless

    Also, check out Xasthur, Yakuza, Zozobra, Tesa, Tera Melos and By The End of Tonight's split. bloody amazing.
  • Tracklist

    13 Feb 2007, 21:34

    Mon 12 Feb – Deftones

    knife Party
    Digital Bath
    Be Quiet And Drive
    My Own Summer
    Around The Fur
    Beware The Water
    Bloody Cape
    Hole In The Earth
    Rats Rats Rats
    7 Words (engancharon con Engine Nº9)
    Head Up
  • Estudiando

    21 Nov 2006, 9:06

    Estuve estudiando toda la noche. Y pensaba que escuchaba voces, la joda es que Avenged Sevenfold en uno de sus tracks, TIENE voces, y yo pense que las tenia en la cabeza.

    Matematica Discreta y la concha de tu vieja en tanga.
  • BUE 2006

    7 Nov 2006, 18:23

    I went to BUE06, really wanting to se DJ Shadow, although i knew Daft Punk and Yeah Yeah Yeah's were playing, i wasn't particularly interested. Nonetheless my sister wanted to see them.
    YYY's started playing right on time, Karen wearing a yellow/violet leotard (WTF?), and damn, can she shout. I really wasn't expecting such a good show, I can't remember the exact songs they played, but there was an even mix between Fever to Tell and Show Your Bones. They finished the show with guitar smashing and microphone bashing.
    Later came Daft Punk, I don't particularly like the albums, especially Technologic. But once again seeing them live was amazing, not only the shiny lights display, but how ther carried the audience, mixing various songs sometimes many at a time. The audience's response was amazing, tipically argentine (we don't get to see international artists much), most of the time, the 15 or so thousand people jumping and dancing.
    I'm a great fan of DJ Shadow, he is bloody amazing as far as i am concerned. I arrived around half an hour previous to him starting, right in front of the crowd. Once again my memory fails me, but me made an amazing mix of Private Press and Endtroducing first of all, then introducing his MC and playing a couple of The Outsider songs. The MC and Shadow's stood astounded by the crowds reaction between songs, the MC made us shout ourselves hoarse. Right before the end, Dj Shadow regaled us with a mix of Rabbit In Your Headlights.
    What an amazing show, all three excelled in their performances, the sound was impossible to complain about and the organization was flawless, all the artist began within 5 minutes of the announced time. Unfortunately they could have played a bit more, an hour for a YYY's show is a bit short unfortunately.
  • Edgy Eft

    27 Oct 2006, 15:26

    I've only just finished updating my system to Edgy Eft, from Ubuntus previous release, Dapper Drake.
    Whilst the updating process could really do some work, the overall feel and speed of the update is amazing.
    My only gripes are the following:

    1. The installing process, automatically installs kernel images -generic and -386, while i was previously using k7.
    2. Nvidia support after the update is broken, at least in various cases including mine, as you can see in User tseliot's envy script does an amazing job to fix this
    3. After installation, Amarok is usually broke. It is easily solved by enabling all repos and updating the system.
    4. Azureus is totally fucked up. Solution: completeley remove azureus with synaptic. Download azureus 2.5 from their webpage, untar in an appropiate dir, eg. /opt/azureus. Add a bash script in /usr/bin

    /opt/azureus/azureus $*

    sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/azureus

    and you're good to go
  • Los Natas Live

    23 Oct 2006, 3:02

    I've just come back from seeing Los Natas live at the Teatro Stella Maris in San Isidro, Buenos Aires.

    The show started tecnically at around 20 o'clock, at around 20:30 we were let in to the very small venue, there were around 150 people. The band started off with Mato Grosso, during the show, they played most of corsario negro plus a good deal of the new songs from El hombre montaña.
    Los Natas live is an incredible experience, all three band members are extremely proficient players and the chemistry between them is incredible.
    The show was like a giant jam session, the band having fun on stage and explored their own songs. On a tecnical level, the sound was appropiate, unfortunately there were some sound balance issues, especially with the vocals. Nontheless it was an excellent performance.
  • Van dios sabe cuantas horas

    13 Oct 2006, 5:50

    que estoy tratando de terminar este TP.
    ayer hice unas 12 horas seguidas programando, siesta de 5 horas. y hasta ahora voy... mh. me falla el cerebro. 9 horas mas.

    Tengo que entregar a las 6:30pm masomenos hoy, anduve buscando musica que ayudase a ponerse a estudiar, encima una noche tan linda como hoy, lluvia sin frio.
    hasta ahora Portishead va ganando, no solo por ambiente sino porque me ayuda a concentrar.

    Half Day Closing