• naustalgia

    5 Jun 2012, 18:28

    working on a lo-fi/mixtape/sound collage hybrid under the moniker naustalgia. the name is what i feel to be an accurate representation of the music, as it's primarily influenced by early 90's and late 80's music and pop culture, that which i grew up with. samples and source material range from norwegian black metal to old school rnb to cartoons and snes video games. also movies from that time period as well.

    i'm also recording under the name lee buck lee. this project consists mostly of organic ambient music in the vein of mountains/koen holtkamp and lichens. most of what i have recorded so far is acoustic stuff laced with field recordings. i'm also reworking a sad city in motion album i recorded about four years ago, entitled "the pinnacle of natural light." these reworked tracks will be divided up between naustalgia and lee buck lee.

    musical influences for these projects include:

    Skinny Puppy
    Illegal Art
    Pete Rock and CL Smooth
    Blue Sky Black Death
    Velvet Cacoon
    Koen Holtkamp
    Prince And The Revolution
  • Frightening Music

    28 May 2012, 21:37

    a list of songs that scare the shit outta me, inspired by falling asleep to lichens a couple times and waking from some pretty ferocious nightmares.

    1. Lichens- M St R Ng W Tchcr Ft L V Ng N Sp R T
    There's a video of this on youtube, and to sum it up in two words: demonic possession

    2. The Weeknd- Initiation
    Not so much scary as it is disturbing, from the devilish, pitch-shifted vocals to the hateful abandon of the lyrical content.

    3. Velvet Cacoon- Fire Bloomed from Frost (2001 demo)
    Motherfucker sounds like he is choking on blood halfway through the song. black metal at it's eerie, lo-fidelity finest.

    4. Ghastly City Sleep- No No No No
    This is what i imagine the descent into irrevocable madness sounds like. radiohead on a bad acid trip.

    5. Lurker of Chalice- Spectre as Valkerie Is
    underrated. the album as a whole is one of the most deeply frightening and sorrowful that i have ever heard. the pinnacle of funeral doom.
  • SCiM

    30 Ene 2009, 1:15

    I suppose this could be considered a follow-up to the m.r.f. entry.

    As far as the name of the project, it has been changed to sad city in motion.
    Musically, I guess it won't be a whole lot different; still noise, but with more emphasis on repetitive guitar melody and samples manipulated to the point of being indiscernible as to where the original samples came from. Also, some beats have been stolen and added here and there.

    main influences include:

    stars of the lid
    tim hecker

    Also, i'm in the process of moving to WA from MT soon, and my roommates are in a band (moss campions,) so hopefully they can lend some production know-how and my amateur mono-casio-esque recordings can be legitimized and thus distributed.

    here is a tracklist of songs I currently have recorded and ready-ish to be mixed:

    1. Following Powerlines Home
    2. See
    3. Fog Rolls In
    4. Concerning the Disappearance of Major Briggs
    5. Blackbirds Wept
    6.Powdered Glass Falling as Snow
    7. Sad City I
    8. Sad City II
    9. Sad City (you guessed it) III
    10. One More Time

    Stars of the LidJesuTim HeckerBurial
  • obligatory "best of" list 2008

    17 Dic 2008, 2:19

    10. Lurker of Chalice- Lurker of Chalice (reissue)

    9. Boris- Smile

    8. Sigur Ros- Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

    7. Blacklisted- Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God

    6. Fuck Buttons- Street Horrrsing

    5. Genghis Tron- Board up the House

    4. Kayo Dot- Blue Lambency Downward

    3. Caïna- Temporary Antennae

    2. Pyramids- Pyramids

    1. M83- Saturdays = Youth

    M83PyramidsCaïnaKayo DotGenghis TronFuck ButtonsSigur RosBlacklistedBorisLurker Of Chalice
  • m.r.f.

    20 Feb 2008, 2:25

    so last night i was listening to merzbow, and decided to start an avant-noise project.<br>

    unlike merzbow and i assume other noise artists, i'd like to create field recordings (via old iRiver mp3 player) of "organic" noise (i.e. traffic, idle banter, the local power plant, etc.) and then layer amp noise, feedback, effects, samples, and loops over it. my goal is to maybe make noise a little more accessible to those that have never been exposed to or enjoyed the genre.<br>
    the field recordings are to be inspired by the likes of the mars volta's "live" recordings and godspeed you! black emperor's "interviews." as far as amp noise and ambience, that's inspired by my bloody valentine in their experimentation with effects and "noise." other influences for this project include sunn O))) and nadja.<br>

    other than that, i'm open to ideas on how to expand or other suggestions/criticisms.<br>


    tron_OMerzbowThe Mars VoltaGodspeed You! Black EmperorMy Bloody ValentineSunn O)))Nadja
  • best records of 2007

    21 Dic 2007, 2:04

    so here it is. my top ten favorite records of 2007. the list was hard this year, mostly due to the fact that jesu, xasthur, minus the bear, and nadja all put out multiple releases. i regret to say that i didn't get a chance to listen to the new thrice double e.p. or the new dillinger escape plan that i've heard nothing but amazing things about, otherwise, i'm sure both of these woulda made the cut. well, here it is:

    10. Nadja- Radiance of Shadows

    It was a close call between this record and Touched, but in all fairness, i downloaded Touched digitally from two different places and never got the chance to hear the first track, mutagen, or the tracklist in the way it was intended. other than that, i chose Nadja's Radiance of Shadows because it's tasteful blend of (heavy) shoegaze and drone, two things i love. standout track: "now i am become death, destroyer of worlds"

    9. The Fall of Troy- Manipulator

    This was a very anticipated release for me, and tons and tons of plays and replays proved that t.f.o.t. really could outdo their amazing previous album, doppelganger. standout tracks: "seattlantis" and "a man. a plan. a canal. panama"

    8. Hopesfall- Magnetic North

    At first, i was skeptical about this album, because i thought it would kinda be a re-hashing of a types, their previous album that moved away from melodic hardcore into atmospheric, almost-pop rock. i was wrong in my skepticism. standout tracks: "swamp kittens" and "i can do this on an island"

    7. Blaqk Audio- Cex Cells

    Dark dance-pop. This album surprised me in its solidity, and it's not just an electronic A.F.I., either. standout track: "cities of night"

    6. Jesu- Lifeline ep

    I know, I know. It's only a four-track ep. A very solid four-track ep. More of Jesu's signature take on shoegaze moving slowly into a pop (but not in a bad way) direction. standout track: "lifeline"

    5. Coheed and Cambria- Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV volume 2: No World For Tomorrow

    What can I say? I love Coheed, no matter what. From the time I heard "delirium trigger" on a sampler cd before their first record was released and listened to that song 21 times in a row, through sub-plot songs about racist serial killers and seemingly misogynistic horror stories, this band will always be a favorite of mine, not to mention a favorite of many of my friends as well, as this band has helped us through a lot of hard times. Initially, NWFT was difficult for me to get into, probably because it sounds more "poppy" and less "proggy" than previous releases. I was discouraged, to say the least, but a little time proved this record to meet and almost exceed my ridiculous expectations. standout tracks: "feathers" and "justice in murder"

    4. Bloc Party- A Weekend in the City

    Alot darker than previous efforts, with very well written lyrics, this album seems borderline conceptual, but I can't be sure. Either way. this album blew my mind and I believe far surpassed "silent alarm" in amazingness. standout tracks: "the prayer," "uniform," and "kreuzberg"

    3. Pelican- City of Echoes

    While i think that instrumental metal or just instrumental music in general is gaining popularity and becoming more and more generic as often popular genres and sub-sub-sub genres do, this record did not fail to grab my attention and hold it throughout City of Echoes, often finding myself putting this album on repeat when the lights went out and my head hit the pillow. standout tracks: "city of labels" and "wind with hands"

    2. Jesu- Conqueror

    I know, I know. Jesu made the list twice. They also released 3 albums this year, one of which was super-limited and only available through Justin Broadrick's Avalanche Inc. imprint via internet order. I was surprised by Conqueror's less abrasive approach to the sound first conceived on the heartache ep and the self-titled debut. While the two aforementioned records still somewhat championed the Godflesh sound (heavy droning guitars and shouted vocals) Conqueror seemed to be more influenced by early shoegaze ala My Bloody Valentine. It was a pleasant and welcomed surprise at that. standout tracks: "medicine" and "stanlow"

    and the numero uno...

    1. Minus the Bear- Planet of Ice

    I admit that when i heard the preview track for this record, Dr. L'ling, i was a little nervous. It seemed to be a departure of epic proportion for a band I had come to love for their very own signature guitar tone and very complex rhythmic interplay, namely between twin guitars, synth and drums. But, when i bought the album and listened to it in its entirety, the anxiety faded away. More tales of drunken, sexual endeavors delivered in transcendent pop fashion, just the way I (and i presume other mtb fans) like it. standout tracks: "ice monster" and "when we escape"<br>

    i actually just copied and pasted this from my myspace blog.

    NadjaThe Fall of TroyHopesfallBlaqk AudioCoheed and CambriaBloc PartyPelicanJesuMinus the Bear