13 Abr 2009, 18:49

I've found a new love and it's name is! You sign up (free) and then you can build your own on-demand playlists from their HUGE library of music. Save them, share them, and let Groveshark fill the lists with new music that they somehow (probably using magic) guess that you will like. That suggestion feature is called Autoplay (like the shit in windows that let Sony autoinstall rootkits and DRM into your computer without asking first (or ever for that matter)).

NOt much of a community going on over there, but maybe that'll be added later. For now it's all about the music! Give it a try, I am glad I did. Never did try that spotifything, no invites to be had, and too expensive to pay for every month, and I didn't like their lack of a linux client. Grooveshark happens inside your web2.0 browser (fajafox baby!)

/ See you over there!


  • Faz2

    Sounds interesting, shame their website took several attempts to load and still kind of hit and miss. Load issues? Not sure about their site design, seems rather crowded. Looks like they designed it for very high resolution, 2048 * 1440 or something...

    25 Abr 2009, 19:12
  • brtkrbzhnv

    Listening to music without scrobbling is so 2nd-millennium.

    6 May 2009, 19:15
  • Midrel

    They still have a lot of issues with page loading.

    15 Feb 2012, 21:26
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