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27 Jun 2007, 17:44

I add bands as I see them.
Short reviews for noteworthy concerts (and links to longer ones).

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - FFFFest 2012
Aiden - I'm actually kinda ashamed of this...opened for Anti-Flag
The Airborne Toxic Event - ACL 2011
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - a nice mix of upbeat and downbeat
An Horse x2 - Opened for Tegan and Sara; pretty witty and a lot of fun; also ACL 2011
Animal Collective - sadly not a very good live band
Applecore - I loved the trombonists; they were so good!
Arctic Monkeys x2 - Sasquatch 2006; best part was when it started drizzling and the lead singer said "It's fucking raining!" the crowd went crazy :D; also saw them in Cincinatti in 2010
The Architects - boring, generic hard rock
The Argonauts
Astronautalis x2 - best part was the freestyle; also FFFFest 2012
Atreyu - meh, not a fan; Review: Metal Madness
The B-52's
Band of Horses - Bumbershoot 2008
Paul Banks - FFFFest 2012
Beck - Sasquatch 2006; He had the cameras (for the lawn seats) trained on a puppet show in the back of the stage with puppet versions of the musicians doing the same motions at the same time =P Also he apparently had some guy who's sole job was to dance :D
Bell X1 - good! I really appreciated the wide variety of style and sound they used within a single show
The Belle Brigade - ACL 2011
Big Bang TV - best of the set even though they were first to play! fun indie electronica
A Billion Ernies - awesome guys, fun to party with; totally rocked out to Muse with these fellas while playing pool in my basement
Billy Talent - (shrugs) i think i like em in studio a lot more
The Black Crowes - Opened for Tom Petty; made me a fan right then and there
The Black Keys - ACL Live taping season 40 (2014)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - nice background music, i guess...; Review: Singular Experience
Bloc Party - eh, they were alright; the weird electronica thing they tried to do in the middle of the performance was pretty weird though
Blue Man Group - F-ing brilliant, saw in Vegas
Breaking Benjamin
Brian's Moving Out!
The Briefs - FFFFest 2012
British Sea Power - Opened for The Killers, kinda sucked. There WAS some guy who just had a snare drum around his neck and one drum stick, wearing a beanie who walked around banging away. That was amusing...
Buckethead - 4 hours late to the concert but worth the wait. Can't get much crazier or more virtuous than this guy. Nun chucks, ventriloquism, bizarre samples, mad mosh pit, good times.
The Budos Band
Calla - Opened for Interpol, they were pretty good; Review: Pitch Perfect
Cancer Bats
The Cave Singers - ACL 2011
Children Of The Revolution - AMAZING flamenco guitarism and a very modern mix of south European styles. Lovely music
Chromeo - ACL 2011
CHVRCHES - nicely done
Cinemechanica - CMJ 2009; like the instrumentals, but the vocals didn't really do it for me
City and Colour - ACL 2011
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Sasquatch 2006
Cold War Kids - missed most of their set, but they sounded pretty good; Review: Singular Experience
Crocodiles - opened for Temper Trap in Austin; noise noise and more noise
Cults - ACL 2011
Cursive - FFFFest 2012
Cut Copy - ACL 2011
Cut Off Your Hands x2 - clearly the reason to go. cool indie rock
Dan Potthast - hilarious performer, inspired me to check out MU330
Datarock - opened for Ladytron, REALLY enthusiastic and great stage presence; Review: Hot Night, Cool Beats
De La Seoul
The Dead Weather - crazy good; just the sheer amount of talent packed into that band is amazing enough, let me tell you, it WORKS put together. I'd seen all of those performers separately before and it was awesome seeing them all together. Best part of all was their crazy bluesy song with Jack White on guitar...oh man i hope they stick around awhile
Deastro - ugg
Death Cab for Cutie - Sasquatch 2006; Can't go wrong with Ben Gibbard. Loved the part when he doubled up on a drum solo.
Death from Above 1979 - ACL 2011; best act there IMO
The Decemberists - Sasquatch 2006
Def Leppard - they rocked! Review: Def Leppard....and Friends
Delta Spirit - ACL 2011
Diamond Rings - FFFFest 2012
Donora - excellent! won't be surprised at all if they get super popular soon
Drive-By Truckers - they struck me as more of a bar band / background music; kinda reminded me of BRMC; I DID really like their multi-guitar solos but in general they were too country for me
Dum Dum Girls - FFFFest 2012
Marcus Eaton - Opened for Buckethead, could have EASILY been the lead act, though. This man's got talent of the looping guitar variety (and an awesome voice to top it).
Evanescence - Family Values 2007; Enjoyable! Great voice; Review: Metal Madness
The Fall of Troy
Fatter Than Albert
Favourite Sons - opened for Bell X1...meh....
Federico Aubele - ACL 2011
Fitz and the Tantrums - ACL 2011
Flogging Molly
Flyleaf x2 - Family Values 2007; Disappointing; Review: Metal Madness
Fool's Gold - ACL 2011
Francisca Valenzuela - ACL 2011
The Frankl Project x2 - I love how these guys don't have to flood the soundscape with filler guitar; they can play awesome music with everything audible
The Fratellis - not bad; his voice was hella raspy but at least he apologized for it :P (i mean, it WAS a 1:30 pm concert); definitely better in studio
Givers - FFFFest 2012
Gogol Bordello x2 - a lot like Flogging Molly and a lot of fun to watch
Graffiti6 - ACL 2011
Happy Body Slow Brain - opened for RX Bandits and definitely the better of the two first openers, they've got a lot of potential and I need to check out their album(s)
The Head and the Heart - ACL 2011
The Helio Sequence - really powerful, considering they're only two; Review: Fun Alternative Gig
Hellyeah - Family Values 2007; Actually kinda good; Review: Metal Madness
High And Mighty Color - Pretty cool J-Rock band; Review: F***in Awesome Concert
Holy Fuck - i liked the vox thing he made noises with his mouth into :D
Interpol - Perfect; Review: Pitch Perfect
Iron & Wine - ACL 2011
I Was A King - MAJOR sound issues made them hard to listen to...
Japandroids - FFFFest 2012
Jherek Bischoff - opened for Amanda Palmer
Jookabox - opened for So Many Dynamos when we booked them; the lady should sing more songs!
The Killers - A bit disappointing...sure they only had their one cd (plus Brit tracks) to play, but all in all it was only about an hour WITH the break they took half-way through
The Kills x2 - very White Stripes-esque, as promised
Korn - Family Values 2007; Pretty awesome; Review: Metal Madness
Knifey Spoonie
LA Riots - meh; Review: An Intense Night
Ladytron - wonderful, moody, and chic; Review: Hot Night, Cool Beats
The Leonard Washingtons - Fucking amazing keyboardist. I REALLY hope he keeps with music and doesn't go and be some engineer
Kenny Loggins - Fun times; Review: Throngs of Middle-Aged Women...
Lohio - saw them with Donora...decent indie pop
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - FFFFest 2012
Loudmouth x2
Low Line Caller - opened for The Helio Sequence, very U2/Cure like, excellent vocals; Review: Fun Alternative Gig
Malajube - CMJ 2009; everything i hoped for :)
Maps & Atlases x2 - EXTREMELY talented and good, reminded me a lot of Minus the Bear; saw them again open for RX Bandits and they were about as good as I remember
Mates of State
Matisyahu x2 - Sasquatch 2006; Lovely Jewish rap; saw them again in Austin
Aaron McDonnell - not really my style, but dang was their slide guitarist good
Miniature Tigers - ACL 2011
Minus the Bear x2 - awesome show; strobes were annoying and mostly unnecessary but their performance was pretty sweet aside from a couple balancing issues; saw them again in 2013 in Austin
Bob Mould - FFFFest 2012
MSTRKRFT - intense!; Review: An Intense Night
Muse - best. concert. ever.; Review: Singular Experience
My Morning Jacket - ACL 2011
Nada Surf - Sasquatch 2006; Made me a fan (hadn't heard them before the concert)
Nathan Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang - eh...; opened for Matisyahu
Neurosonic - Family Values 2007; Interesting...I need to listen to more of them; Review: Metal Madness
Neverset - opened for Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace
New Roman Times - opened for The Helio Sequence, good sound, though the vocals were lacking; Review: Fun Alternative Gig
The New Trust - opened for Minus the Bear, they need to ditch their drummer and get some better songwriting, but the talent is there
Not in the Face - opened for White Denim; sucked
Nurses - opened for Maps & Atlases, pretty good, definitely working their way up
of Montreal - crazy weird, but fun. Their set pieces were bizarre and disturbing
old flames
Outernational - pretty good! I think they should really focus more on their ska/reggae than their punk as it seems to fit them as a band much better
PELIGROSA - DJ set opened for Gogol Bordello
Pillar Point - opened for of Montreal; not really noteworthy
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Sasquatch 2006
The Psychedelic Furs - sax player was awesome though I wasn't a fan of the guy's voice
Queens of the Stone Age - Sasquatch 2006
The Raconteurs - wow what a show; i feel like Jack White was kinda angry the whole time but man are those some fine performers; glad they headlined for sure
The Range - opened for CHVRCHES; boring
Rah Rah - some definite potential but they should work on their instrumentation
Rancid - not really my style, but the fact that the crowd was into it so much made it a lot more fun
Ra Ra Riot - very awesome indie pop; lovely the electric cello (and the celloist ;))
Real Estate - FFFFest 2012
Red - mudddddled, opened for Seether; Review: Hottt Night With Seether
REO Speedwagon - Played with Def Leppard; Review: Def Leppard....and Friends
Reptar - ACL 2011
Rise Against - pretty much everything i'd hoped for
Rogue Wave - reminded me a lot of Nada Surf...not HUGELY impressed; once Permalight came out I do like them a lot more now
Ronald Reagan - these guys were pretty ballsy to come out by themselves with their saxophones, and worked pretty well; opened for Amanda Palmer
RX Bandits - fantastic; i was able to catch them on their Farewell Tour 2011 before their touring haitus. The horn section was sorely missed but the crowd was great. It really makes a show when you're surrounded with huge fans of the band
Ryan Brigham & The Dead Horses - ACL 2011
SafetySuit - pretty good; Review: Hottt Night With Seether
Santigold - ACL 2011
Seether x2 - MUCH better if you're close to the stage; Review: Hottt Night With Seether
She Wants Revenge - pretty good; I wish it had been just the two of them rather than a full band
Shiny Toy Guns - cool free show courtesy of Jack Daniels
The Simple Pleasure - kind of like a train wreck, and sometimes, kind of like David Bowie; opened for Amanda Palmer
Social Distortion x2 - mediocre; Review: Singular Experience; also ACL 2011
So Many Dynamos x3 - fucking amazing; didn't like em so much when they opened for Cut Off Your Hands and Ra Ra Riot, but they DEFINITELY improved!
the spiral
Spiral Beach - CMJ 2009; now this was a good show; very exciting!
Spiral Spiders - Opened for High and Mighty Color; Review: F***in Awesome Concert
Star Fucking Hipsters - kinda sloppy, sadly; opened for Anti-Flag
Starfucker - FFFFest 2012
Stars - wonderful. wish i could have stayed for the whole show
Streetlight Manifesto - fantastic. best ska around
Styx - More fun times in Vegas; saw at Mandalay Bay (on the beech). Small, intimate, fun concert with these guys.
Subplots - CMJ 2009; sexy irish indie pop
The Supervillains - funny guys with great stage presence, opened for Streetlight Manifesto
Surfer Blood - FFFFest 2012
Team Lift - local band I have a friend in we booked to play at my fraternity's Halloween party. Fun stuff, definitely. Instrumentals were pretty excellent and their costumes for the party were pretty funny.
Tegan and Sara - a lot of fun
The Temper Trap x2 - once at CMJ 2009 and again in Austin 2012
Tera Melos - opened for Minus the Bear, had a lot of elements I liked but in general ended up being too complex to thoroughly enjoy live
Thao with The Get Down Stay Down - Bumbershoot 2008
Three Days Grace
Throwing Stars
Tim and the Amazing Chinstrap x2
Tim Kasher - kinda disappointing; a lot more raw in concert than I was expecting
Tokyo Police Club
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Impressively good. Not many artists can just stick out their arm and have the crowd erupt TWICE AS MUCH as they already have. Very solid discography of hits for a very long, entertaining concert.
Trapdoor Social - my high school friend's band; lots of potential! they should really capitalize on their slower, more soulful songs
Trivium - Family Values 2007; Excellent guitarisms; Review: Metal Madness
Frank Turner - awesome performer, really knew how to work the crowd; opened for Flogging Molly
TV Torso - opened for White Denim; boring
Tyvek - Opened for The Dead Weather; has potential but not quite there yet...
Watch Out For Rockets - opened for White Denim and the only opener worth potentially checking out
Wavves - FFFFest 2012
We Are Wolves - CMJ 2009; great! loved it
We The Living - very Fray-like; good
We Should Be Dead - CMJ 2009
Jack White - angry but talented as usual - ACL Live taping season 38 (2012)
White Denim x2 - AMAZING live, the dude has such an amazing voice and their guitarwork is incredible; too bad the openers all kinda sucked; also ACL Live taping season 40 (2014)
Wild Nothing - opened for Stars. their bass player killed it! good coherence
The Wonder Years - ugh
The Yearbook Committee
Yeasayer x2 - INCREDIBLE performance; how had i not heard of them before?
Yellow Ostrich - ACL 2011
Young the Giant - ACL 2011
Zechs Marquise - opened for RX Bandits; kinda boring
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