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21 Jun 2011, 18:59

Mon 20 Jun – Flying Lotus, Teebs, Thundercat, Austin Peralta, Strangeloop

Getting there was easy parked my car in a parking garage then took the train into the city. Took 2 sub way trains and walked a little and i found the place ok. I had previously gotten supplies ready for the occasion so i went to a close by park and got in the right mood. Walked back to the place and while waiting for the doors to open had some beers and made some friends.

Strangeloop was first, he set the tone of how the night was going to play out. A lot of really good tracks and really good beats from him. Everyone else liked him too, a lot of head nodding going on.

teebs was next, i heard of his stuff before and knew he was pretty good. flying lotus came out to talk to us for a little, it was a nice surprise. teebs played some new samiyam , some of his songs, and other crazy beats. people were smoking and really getting into it.

idk this dudes name cause i was outside, getting in the mood again haha. when i got inside this dude was killing it. everyone was dancing including myself, really crazy stuff. i kept asking people around me what this dude's name was but no one could give me an answer. eventually he started beat boxing from his mouth he he was INSANE like stuff you would hear out of a computer. he was beat boxing and playing the keyboard at the same time, really talented guy.

i was outside again real quick doing my thing, smoked a boge and then headed inside. and there he was the, flying lotus and his like little band thing going on. thundercat played bass and Austin Peralta was on the keyboard. instantly it was a dance party, beats after beats after beats of the craziest stuff. i was getting my groove on and so was everyone else in the room. really great atmosphere, after a while the band left and he started taking requests. haha he puts on a real great show and the art work in the background will blow your mind.

really great show was worth the trouble of getting back home afterwards. i love flying lotus and would totally see him again.


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