I hope this is better than MySpace Forums....


11 Mar 2009, 6:30

I think I like last.fm....MySpace Forums are full of pricks that tear down any new faces that happen to post a thread. I posted a thread in the Hardcore Forum just asking a simple question, but a group of KIDS came along and just ripped me a new one cause I listen to other music besides hardcore. It was ridiculous. All of us music lovers should appreciate one another and respect each others opinion. Especially if you are a musician yourself, true artists don't bring each other down.

So I hope to find some decent people on here that I can relate to and have normal conversations with. For sho.



  • lifeinyourway

    it is better! definitly :)

    13 Mar 2009, 13:37
  • TalkingWhale

    damn, myspace is 4 pretty much only scene kids. it sux if normel people like us try to do anything worthwhile there.

    14 Ago 2009, 4:59
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