Campus Fever '06


15 Jun 2006, 22:18

While sitting and guarding our stage during the night, I'll profit to make some publicity for the event which will happen tomorrow.
We (the students) from the university campus of fribourg (Switzerland) are organizing a party this friday. There will be 5 concerts and a two floor disco, check the homepage for more info.

btw if you happen to pass by tonight, I'd be happy to get a beer ;)


  • Diotime

    Personne ne va venir... sachant que les organisateurs sont tellement nuls :D

    16 Jun 2006, 5:45
  • transcendentalA

    on ce connait? :p

    16 Jun 2006, 9:09
  • Diotime

    euh...sûrement.. n'es-tu pas le marocain qui reste dans la salle d'informatique, même les dimanches, à chatter?

    16 Jun 2006, 9:41
  • transcendentalA

    hehe, comme aujourd'hui? The party was a great success, there were even too many people to guarantee a good service at the bar, as we didn't have enough beer stations. Through the evening 2600 liters have been sold, so we guess we had about 2600 visitors. Thanks to all of you who came along and the ones who gave a hand to make it run smoothly.

    18 Jun 2006, 8:44
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