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17 May 2008, 17:08

Aura Navarre (played: Don't Look Further For The Devil)
A stern-sounding lady sings seemingly at random over music played seemingly only slightly less at random.
from “Music Is My Girlfriend

Miami Scissors (played: iamnokia)
Their bio pegs them as "noise-rock/post-rock/experimental punk" but to these ears they sound like collegiate emo with maybe a slight nod towards the end of Britpop.
from “Fugazi

Ben's Imaginary Band (played: The Last Living Man)
Quite pleasant jangly acoustic guitar-y indie with perhaps slightly weedy vocals which nonetheless probably directly appeal to the kind of doe-eyed indie girls that the band bio seems to hint wistfully toward. The little xylophone thing is quite sweet.
from “People with inconsistent musical taste - who yet prove a certain indy-attitude

Spatial Unity (played: Postcard From My Heart)
Spatial Unity is a class new music project from Scotland. Although predominantly and influenced, music is flavoured with various genres ranging from , , to .So yeh, it's indie rock then.
from “Alternative rock

Nachtzug (played: Do! (numa3 5 Sinne Remix))
German electronic duo. Chorus makes me want to smirk "electroclash lives!" ("you have your eyes to see it / you have your hands to reach it / you have your mouth to eat it / you have your nose to breath it" indeed) but then goes into a sort of Human League-y synth concern in the middle. Not sure what to think of this really.

J-Live (played: Audio Visual (Album Version))
i sort of already know i'll probably like this cuz i like other J-Live tracks, but i leave it in the recommendations anyway cuz i haven't heard that much of his work and would like more. Is this cheating the recommendation system?? You can see my dilemma. Anyway, this is a pretty nice beat and a decent rap, if nothing mind-blowing.
from “DILLA

Duo Oszedo (played: I feel the Love L)
Duo Oszedo is one of those names that i've seen before, being as how it is constantly appearing in my recommendations; unlike most serial recommenders tho, Duo Oszedo have the good grace to actually be quite listenable. Band members Wolfgang and Lucas live in different cities and compose remotely (presumably by post or email), marking their initial on the loop they've come up with. The result is some pretty good up-tempo if sparse beat-y grooves.
from “Music is my girlfriend

Wax Tailor (played: Behind The Disguise "Closing" (feat. Marina Quaisse))
Yes mate, this is another of those "name" artists that i should probably be listening to anyway but hell, i can't have listened to everything!! (yet). Anyway yeh, even though this is a pretty short track there is obviously a skilful practitioner of sampling at work here. Great big string bit in the middle is ace. More of this sort of thing pls.
from “Definitive Jux Records

My Endeavour (played: Return To Me)
My Endeavour are a 4 piece alternative (melodic) rock band from the south coast of England U.K.Mm-hm, is that the south coast of England U.K., Arizona, then? Similar artists: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alter Bridge, Nickelback, Bush, The Calling. Sorry guys, this is horrible, but if it's any consolation it'll likely be enormous.
from “Alternative rock

Ruckus Collective (played: Imposter)
What do you get when you combine a rhythm section who think they're the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a richly innovative guitarist exploring the limitless possibilities of the instrument, two furiously funkadelic saxmen and one conscientious MC?A sense of wonderment at why essentially decent-sounding acts are always killing your desire to listen to them with painful bios like that one. Nevertheless, i'm a trained professional and therefore steeled myself against the PR effluent to find a tune more reminiscent of something like a beefy, updated Dick Dale track - that's a good thing, incidentally.
from “Music Advice Center

Pehmetapja (played: 5 Sammu Ees ft. Draco)
Estonian mc/producer. i'm a bit lost with this cuz i don't speak Estonian. the beat's nice in a late 90s atmosphere sort of way, and someone has a nice flow on it... dunno if that's Pehmetapja or Draco tho. and i've no idea what anyone's saying.
from “Fans of real Hip-Hop

A Secret Sense (played: Tell me why - Instrumental)
Like the embedded file that plays in a tribute site to a faded celebrity in a Netscape Navigator window in 1997.
from “People with inconsistent musical taste - who yet prove a certain indy-attitude

Gabor Varadi (played: Live at Sziget 2005)
Bleepy, ambient, spaced-out live ambience, apparently live at a festival or something. Might well have crescendo'd in the middle or something, but i listened to about 5 or 6 minutes and then noticed there were still about another 27 to go - fuckin' 'ell man, how long do you think my attention span is?! Wasn't bad while it was on, tho.
from dunno

J. Blitz (played: Da Craziest)
Decent soulful beat and confident rhyming from a (now displaced) New Orleans rapper who may or may not be something to do with that city's Quotable.
from “Underground hip-hop

General Purpose (played: Dust)
Ummm...? Minor-key rock thing, thought it was going to go all Kerrang! radio-heavy but to be honest was even more nondescript than that. About as memorable as the band name and title would suggest.
from dunno

Pilot of the Future (played: neb drums rough)
Someone from serial recommendation Deepspace and his brother making sort of bleep/ambient. Washed right over me, and then straight past me. Man, these recommendations are just making me want to write the same things for each of them.
from dunno

Cowardice (played: Lost in Hell (part 1))
Either those are exotic vocal harmonies i'm too ignorant to understand, or the singer is actually out of tune with himself. See what you think.
from “Noise and drone

IAM JORGE (played: Ghosts)
Guitar and string instrumental. Sounds like the soundtrack to an indie film, but in a good way. Apt title, as every so often the voice of a little girl appears saying "Hello" Boards of Canada-style, but this adds to the effect instead of being annoying.
from “its my noise

Harumpotlash (played: The Old Man and the Sea)
Pretty good stuff here, an acoustic guitar played by a pint-drinking man who is presumably also the one singing. Immediately endeared itself to me through Hemingway reference, but also holds the attention with some vaguely Six Organs of Admittance-esque Eastern guitar layering.
from “Music Advice Center

GOMO PaRK (played: Polaris)
Heard these guys on here before, they're a German instrumental outfit playing a cross between "modern clubsounds", ambient soundscapery and , and, while i can't hear anything that club-by particularly, they still pull it off with aplomb. Good shit, might appeal to fans of ROVO etc.
from “Can

Tigerlilly (played: Journey)
Apparently Austria's finest hard rock band, which is ample warning to never listen to any other Austrian hard rock. As soon as the Poison vocals started this one was off.
from dunno

moskoff! (played: uz)
Surprise, two cool Kraut-y instrumental bands in one recommendation session. These guys are from Istanbul, and layer their grooving rhythm section with arrays of woodwind, didgeridoo and electronic squirty noises. Again, pretty good stuff for psyche-out/kraut fans.
from “its my noise

Altar of Plagues (played: Promise and Purpose)
Irish death metal. Not bad at all, if a little sort of recorded-in-a-cupboard-y. Cool electronic bit at the end, i mistook for it for an entirely new song.
from “its my noise

1. the larger a group becomes, the shiter its recommendations get.
2. i should really leave "People with inconsistent musical taste - who yet prove a certain indy-attitude" (not least because of its horrible English-language-reduced-to-a-twitching-wreck name) and "It's all about the LYRICS".
3. but i can't because i'm kind of masochistic like that.


  • AllenPoe

    Thanks for the recommendation on J. Blitz. I'm his manager, and yeah, he is apart of the group Quotable. I can get you a full version of that song if you'd like. Again, thanks for the look, and check out the site

    17 May 2008, 20:03
  • chickrocksteady

    can we have tom reviews his dinner next plz

    18 May 2008, 21:58
  • K1MO

    hey mr. tom, nice to have one reviewing his rec's :) maybe try the original Nachtzug - Do! to get better access to the track itself .. or not ;) greetings k1m0

    19 May 2008, 8:04
  • gingerpip

    haha - RE: Cowardice - of [i]course[/i] it's exotic harmonies.... I couldn't [i]possibly[/i] have been out of tune.... (could I?) meh - adds to the...errr lo-fi credentials :)Cowardice

    20 May 2008, 18:38
  • Rapscallion87

    Hey, cheers for the review of Ruckus Collective! glad you liked the tune, i'm one of the sax players. i know what you mean about the bio thing, but we have a lot of problems trying to define the sound of the band and had to start somewhere! the chilis influence is pretty prominent in some of our other tracks, but it's a really diverse group... we're recording an album in june and i'll put all the tunes up here so you can see what i mean... peace, frederick

    20 May 2008, 22:59
  • talking_animal

    Glad to know someone else is getting something out of recommendations. Someone passed me the word on Sui Vesan and that made up for a lot of junk that was filling up the radio for a time. Thanks again!

    21 May 2008, 10:18
  • borung

    Thanks for your review about GOMO PaRK. And you´re right, ROVO is quiet good shit.... all the best

    1 Jun 2008, 9:43
  • dickenz

    thank you for recommendations about uz and also my favourites r kubrick im [u][/u]

    18 Jun 2008, 10:49
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