My Life: The Movie - The Soundtrack


12 Mar 2007, 20:00

My friend Matthew posted a meme where you put your media player on random and take each song that comes up as the soundtrack for a particular portion of the movie of your life (in order). His is here.
Mine is below.

Opening Credits
Already Dead
Hmmm... that's a rather dark way to start a movie. Or a really spoiler-riffic way to start "The Sixth Sense".

Waking Up:
New Light Of Tomorrow
The title is absolutely perfect for a wake-up song. Very dreamy music - feels about right for pre-coffee morning ritual.

First Day At School:
Also a pretty good fit - the lyrics are pretty abstract, but they have a "mindless repetition of the daily grind" feel about them. This would fit good for a montage about the entire school experience, but not so much for just the "first day".

Falling In Love:
Completely nailed it. I'd quote a lyric from the song, but it's impossible to narrow it down to just one line, so I'll just link to the full lyrics. This song is especially appropriate considering that Betsy loves Patty Griffin, and plays it for me because Betsy plays those CDs on our shared computer.

Fight Song:
A Secret Life
Wouldn't be my first choice, but this song definitely has a dark, tense aspect to it. It'd be better as a stalking/sabotage song, but that'd probably be a more likely form of "fighting" for me anyway.

Breaking Up:
Half a Canyon
The lyrics are typical Steven Malkmus free-association near-nonsense, so they don't help much. But the shouted "aw shit, baby!" and "feel like i'm falling!!!" and the overall tone work pretty well with this. Plus, last time I broke up with a girl (6 years ago), I was listening to a lot of Pavement, so again, eerily appropriate to my actual life.

Set Me Free/I've Got the Key
This is really the first flop of the "soundtrack". It would have been a really good falling in love song, but not so much for just regular "life". And I don't take anywhere near enough drugs for Spacemen 3 to be appropriate for this category.

Mental Breakdown:
Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid)
This is so intensly perfect for a mental breakdown, from the tone, to the lyrics, to the title... damn.

If I tried to listen to this song while I was driving, I guarantee that I would be pushing 120mph by the first chorus. It'd be good for some chaotic chase scene, but not for normal driving.

Five Minutes Away
Pretty good selection for a flashback - very atmospheric and foggy, and Prefuse's samples always feel kinda familiar, like you've heard them in some dream in the past.

Getting back together:
Part 3
Ummm. Maybe if I had been dating some sort of alien squid-like intelligence, and halfway through my escape, it paralyzed me with a venomous sting and started dragging me back down to its underwater/outerspace lair, this would work as a "Getting back together" song. Otherwise, I don't think so.

"Each time it comes it eats me alive, I try to behave but it eats me alive". I suppose that if I had to marry an alien squid-like intelligence, I would be sulking, so uh... I guess this is appropriate, for the direction this movie is taking.

Birth of Child:
The Mercury Craze
A song filled with paranoid fantasies of people wanting your blood, selling your life fluids to the highest bidder and weird medical nightmare imagery. Well, it sounds like my relationship with the alien squid isn't turning out particularly well so far, and who knows what he's done with the child I just gave birth to.

Final Battle:
Dreamy folk/hip-hop instrumental with random Spanish(?) samples and a repeating, hypnotic song structure. I think this is less a "final battle" and more a drugged-out, hallucinating alien-squid-sucking-out-of-my-brain-through-my-spinal-cord situation.

Death Scene:
Happy Day
"And I fell over and I couldn't stand up", "I feel...feel nice inside / right here / And now it's...summer again", "Such a happy day for me". The good news is that whatever venom the alien-squid injected into me to make me stop struggling is quite pleasant to experience. What a warm and fuzzy death!

Funeral Scene:
Hands First
In 29 seconds worth of music, Caribou does an excellent job of conveying the sense of being in a drugged-out bliss, being eaten by a terrible space monster, being digested, being pooped out, and then being a drugged-out blissful pile of poo. And the title even tells you in what order the monster ate my body!

End Credits:
After the Rain
Nothing says "biopic turned into bizarre outer-space horror flick" like some Coltrane to close everything out on a mellow note. What a life!


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