The reason I know I'll love Guster's 'Easy Wonderful'


22 Jul 2010, 22:58

I know I'll love Guster's upcoming record Easy Wonderful for several reasons. One is that I like all of their albums so far, and I've liked them better as the guys have progressed as musicians. Another is that I've heard about five songs from their new batch as they've debuted them live over the past year and they're all fantastic. Despite how clearly these two facts tell me I am likely to love the new record, they are not as telling as something else. Guster is a band that really tries.

They're not just trying to sell albums, and they're not just trying to get played on the radio. They're not just trying to spread a message or trying to change their image. They are trying to make great music for people to listen to and connect with. This is just the kind of people they are. They've always had the approach that they want to make records they would enjoy listening to. Early on, they were heavily limited by their own abilities, but they were creative enough to make a name for themselves and have now become a versatile, respectable band. Even though it makes for an excruciatingly long wait between records, I love how they write and record in several sessions, taking the time to get it all just right. I love how critical they are of themselves because it is important to them to make a great record. They want to be so sure they're making something of quality. It's the kind of person I try to be, which must be why I relate to them and look up to them. But I think a lot of people can respect that this band really wants to make a difference. They want to make music that people will love. And that's why I know I'm going to love their new record.


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