A Pocket Full of Raï


21 Oct 2007, 3:11

This week on Dance, You Fools! For This Is Club Toasterhead!, we celebrate Raï (راي), a style of pop/folk music that originated among Bedouin Arabs in Oran, Algeria in the 1930s. These early Bedouins would probably not recognize the style today, as its resurgence from the 1970s to 1990s blended the traditional sounds and modes with western pop music. The word Raï means "opinion" in Arabic, and the genre is known for political lyrics that have gotten artists censored by repressive Maghrebi governments from time to time.
Name Droppin:

Rachid Taha – Barra Barra
Rachid Taha – Winta
Khaled – Didi
Khaled – El Arbi
Cheb Mami – Meli Meli
Cheb Mami – Zarartou
Faudel – Woulli
Faudel – Omri
Cheb Hasni – Gaa N'Sa
Rachid Taha, Khaled & Faudel – Abdel Kader (Live)
Sawt El Atlas – Mama
Cheba Nouria – N'Zor Nebra
Cheb Bilal – Chouf Chouf
Cheb Kader – H'Mami
Cheb Youcef – Ouli Liya
Raïna Raï – Zina
Cheb Nasro – K'debt Ana Goulte N'ssitha
Cheb Tarik – Sidi Rabi
Chaba Zahouanian – Ya Loualid (Oh My Child)
Chaba Fadela – N'Sel Fik (You Are Mine)


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