• Dream Theater, Moscow, June 10, 2009

    10 Jun 2009, 21:09

    That was awesome!!!
    However, I'd love it to be 1.5x longer...
    Please come back soooon!

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  • Evanescence - live in Moscow, B1, 20/06/2007

    21 Jun 2007, 1:02

    Wed 20 Jun – Evanescence
    First of all, sorry my engrish not well ;)))
    THE CONCERT DAY. Well, actually before the concert itself I was... a bit pessimistic about the upcoming event because such difficult voice parts are not-so-well when performed live. This point was also figured out after watching “Anywhere but Home” (and where is “Anywhere”? :’( ) – Amy’s great but… not as great as in record. I was sooo happy that I was wrong! ^^
    PERFORMANCE. Some kind of my “Evanescence diet” made its goal – I tried not to listen to Evanescence music for 3 or 4 last days so I was really wild when first chords blown the air in B1! I was shocked of the Evanescence quality lift! To be honest, yes, Amy "missed" about 2 or 3 notes. Yes, she missed about 10 other notes and rapidly fixed them pitching her voice up/down a bit. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Who does everything so clear? ^^ Great, fantastic, brilliant performance! Charming show! Ehhh… Forgot to say - sorry, guys and girls around me ;) I am 6.5 feet tall guy, I was swinging my hands, shaking my quiet long hair all around (don't look at my avatar's haircut - it was shot two years ago)), jumping, having fun and singing most of the time %))) Hope I didn’t break your joy
    THE NEW BAND. I can’t be very objective in comparison BUT I COULD SAY the current band members are ALL GREAT. The performance was much better that the one I saw in “Anywhere but Home”. The new drummer Will Hunt is actually some kind of POWER DRUM MACHINE (I mean not “boring and monotonous” but “LOTS OF POWER and precision”) - explosions of energy, very technical and cool-sounding. Sometimes I couldn't take my eyes off him :) Troy McLawhorn, the new guitarist, plays cool new solo parts, I’m waiting for more and more of them the next album release ;) Tim McCord, the bassist has so energetic and breath-taking deep sound in some songs (especially The Only One sounded soooo tasty) %)))) The “old” guitarist Terry Balsamo (the one with dreads) – could be too quiet and calm at the first sight, but does grrrrreat riffs and gives lots of power to the sound.
    THE SET. As for me, I prefer “Origin” and ‘Fallen” to “The Open Door”. But I was in heavens (with candy clouds of lullaby) with every single song starting with “Lithium”. Fantastic feelings!.. Maybe I'll change my mind about the latest album? :)
    THINGS I DISLIKED. The first one - the crowd was screaming some amounts of “great Russian language” ‘bout girls sitting on the backs of their fellow guys (don’t know how it is in English) hiding Amy and the band for people further on the dancefloor. Especially they screamed at the end of “Lithium”. Hope Amy doesn’t know "mature Russian" :) Second: why did Evanescence disappeared so fast after “Your Star”? Why didn’t Amy take the flowers from her grand piano?.. “Evanescence didn’t like Moscow fans?” :’(
    UPD Some say that Amy was afraid of "russians" after St.Petersburg concert where some dorks annoyed Amy during the performance and fan-time so they desided to get from B1 fast to avoid the crowd. But they also say Amy liked the Moscow audience. Amy, please excuse us!!!

    VIDEOS found so far:
    Mixed video (Cloud Nine, Weight of the World, Lithium)

    01 Lose Control (Intro)
    02 Weight Of The World (BAD QUALITY)
    03 Sweet Sacrifice (BAD QUALITY)

    04 Going Under (BAD QUALITY)
    05 The Only One (BAD QUALITY)
    06 Cloud Nine
    07 Lithium (BAD QUALITY after intro end)
    08 Good Enough
    09 Whisper (BAD QUALITY)
    10 Haunted (BAD QUALITY)
    11 Call Me When You're Sober (BAD QUALITY)
    12 Imaginary
    13 Bring Me To Life
    14 All That I'm Living For
    15 Lacrymosa
    16 My Immortal
    17 Your Star

    P.s. it's a pity B1 didn't record they video... Why?.. They had the equipment...