• Grab Grab The Haddock - Live 1984

    14 Jun 2009, 7:07

    Grab Grab The Haddock - Live at The Basement, Brighton, 24th November 1984

    This Grab Grab The Haddock gig is a 13 song set which features all 7 songs they released on 'Cherry Red' Records, five unreleased songs and as with the Marine Girls live set, a cover of the Buzzcocks hit 'Love you more'.

    Get it from this blogspot.

  • Marine Girls - Original Poster for Gig 06.05.81

    31 May 2009, 9:48

    Marine Girls - Poster 1981

    This is the original poster for the Marine Girls 2nd ever gig in 'Hertford' on Wednesday 6th May 1981. This was the occasion when they met 'Dan Treacy' of Television Personalities, a meeting that ultimately led to the release of their Beach Party album on his 'Whamm' records label.

  • Dolly Mixture - Demonstration Tapes

    15 Mar 2009, 9:25

    Dolly Mixture - Demonstration Tapes Album

    Dolly Mixture - Demonstration Tapes: 27 track Double Vinyl Album. {2000 copies pressed} Released by the band themselves. CAT #. DMLP 1. Year: 1984.

    The Sleeve
    The sleeve is just plain white card. On the front, the title has been applied with a rubber ink stamp. Below this are the bands signatures, signed with pink felt pen. At the very bottom right-hand corner (again in pink felt pen) is the individual number (0846 on my copy). On the rear of the sleeve is the address to contact the band (handwritten in blue biro) and a very small sticker saying 'Distributed by IDS'.

    The Vinyl
    The two vinyl discs have completley blank white labels. The only way to check which is which is to check the scratched markings on the run-off grooves. The run-off grooves also include obsure messages made during cutting. They read as follows:
    Side A : I got a picture of Elvis Costello by reading the middle of a record.
    Side B: Ok Rich we have got an album.
    Side C: Boss big brain rollover.
    Side D: Let Dollys Take over.

    The Insert
    The album contains an insert which is a piece of 'pink A4 size paper'. This features the chronological track listings & some cartoon drawings of 'Hester', 'Debsey' and 'Rachel'. It also has a drawing of 'Captain Sensible' (The Damned) wearing a long dress asking "can I join in?". Poigiantly, the last thing its says on the insert is "And this is only the begining ". They did in fact split within the year.

    The Tracks

    Side 1 (1979-1980)
    Dream come true / Ernie Ball / He's so frisky / The Didn't song / Will he kiss me tonight / Miss Candy Twist / Shonay Shonay
    Side 2 (1980-1981)
    How come you're such a hit with the boys Jane? / Side street walker / Treasure Hunt / Never let it go / Angel Treads / Welcome to the Perfect day / Step close now
    Side 3 (1981-1982)
    Stareaway/ In your eyes / Understanding / Never mind Sundays /Spend your wishes / Day by Day / Wave away
    Side 4 (1982-1983)
    Sorry to leave you / Winter seems fine / Grass is Greener / Round the corner / Remember this / Whistling in the dark

    More Info...

    Biography : There is so much inaccuracy on the net but here is a decent biography.

  • Gina Hartman Interview - January 2009

    7 Mar 2009, 14:45

    Gina Hartman Interview - January 2009

    This recent interview which Gina Hartman gave to 'Twee as Fuck' fanzine covers the whole of the early years of the Marine Girls and why Gina left the band. It's well worth a read.

    This links takes you directly to the page. or for the whole fanzine & Twee as fuck site go here.

  • The Ravishing Beauties

    6 Mar 2009, 14:33

    The Ravishing Beauties - John Peel session 1982

    The two main facts usually mentioned in relation to The Ravishing Beauties are that in there very short career they #1 supported The Teardrop Explodes on tour, and #2, all they ever recorded was a 4 track session for the BBC Radio 1 'John Peel' show.

    The tracks are : Futility / No need to cry / We will meet them again / Arctic Death

    Using classical instruments, while lyrically drawng on the work of First World War poetry, they produced a fairly sparse and melancholic sound. The line-up for this session was:
    Virginia Astley - Lead vocals
    Nicky Holland - Backing vocals / Keyboards
    Kate St.John - Backing vocals / Cor Anglais /Oboe / Flute
    Ben Hoffnung - Percussion
    Produced : Chris Lycettt
    The session was recorded on 14.04.82 and broadcast on 29.04.82.

    Despite the Cult status of this session, it was never released by the BBC.
    How shameful.

  • Grab Grab The Haddock - Discography

    28 Feb 2009, 12:58

    Grab Grab The Haddock - Discography

    Three Songs by Grab Grab the Haddock - 12" Vinyl Single. Cherry Red Records. Cat: 12 Cherry 83. (Released 1984)

    I'm Used Now
    Nothing You Say
    That Day

    Two More Songs by Grab Grab The Haddock - 7" Vinyl Single. Cherry Record Records. Cat: Cherry 86. (Released 1985)

    Last Fond Goodbye
    Wan But Smiling

    Four More Songs by Grab Grab The Haddock - 12" Vinyl Single. Cherry Red Records. Cat: 12 Cherry 86. (Released 1985)

    Last Fond Goodbye
    Wan But Smiling
    For All We Know
    That Big Word But

    These are the only releases by Grab Grab The Haddock. Some of these tracks appear on compilation albums.

  • Tracey Thorn Interview 1982

    19 Feb 2009, 12:49

    Link to Tracey Thorn Interview from 1982

    Read this interview at:
    Tracey Thorn Interview
  • T.V.Personalities interview / Marine Girls

    17 Feb 2009, 10:29

    Link to 'Dan Treacy' interview 1984

    In 1984, Dan Treacey of Television Personalities gave an interview to 'Slow Dazzle' fanzine. As part of this very informative piece, Dan refers to how they set up 'Whamm!' Records, met the Marine Girls and sold 19,000 copies of Beach Party.

    The interview can be accessed at: Slow Dazzle fanzine Interview
  • Marine Girls Discography

    16 Feb 2009, 9:58

    Marine Girls Discography

    A Day by the Sea - A self-produced cassette of early songs distributed mainly amongst friends, 1981.


    Beach Party - The debut album, 1981. Cat: COD 1
    Originally released as a cassette on 'In Phaze' records. It was then released as a vinyl album on the same label. It was then re-released on 'Whamm!' Records and eventually a year later by 'Cherry Red' Records.

    Side 1
    1) In Love 2) Fridays 3) Tonight 4) Times We Used to Spend 5) Flying Over Russia 6) Tutti Lo Sanno 7) All Dressed Up 8) Honey
    Side 2
    1) Holiday Song 2) He Got the Girl 3) Day/Night Dreams
    4) Promises 5) Silent Red 6) Dishonesty 7) 20,000 Leagues 8) Marine Girls

    Notes: Scratched into the run-off grooves are the messages:
    Side A - "Get on down and shuffle some sand"
    Side B - "Don't be a floppy flat fish"


    On my Mind / The Lure of the Rockpools - 'In Phaze' Records. 7" Single.Cat:COD 2. 1981. Re-released on 'Cherry Red' in 1982.


    John Peel Session - for BBC Radio 1.(BBC ref: TX 16.02.82)

    This session was recorded on 1st February 1982 and broadcast on the 16th.
    Producer: Dale Griffin Engineer; Dave Dade.

    Don't come back / Love to know / A Place in the Sun / He got the Girl / Fever


    On my Mind / The Lure of the Rockpools - 'Cherry Red' Records. 7" Single. Cat:Cherry 40. 1982.


    Don't Come Back / You must be Mad - 'Cherry Red' Records 7" Single. Cat:Cherry 54. 1983.


    Lazy Ways - The Second and final Album. 'Cherry Red' Records, 1983. Cat:b red 44

    Side 1
    1) A Place in the Sun 2) Leave Me With the Boy 3) Falling Again 4) Love to Know 5) A Different Light 6) Sunshine Blue 7) Second Sight
    Side 2
    1) Don't Come Back 2) That Fink, Jazz-Me-Blues Boy 3) Fever 4) Shell Island 5) Lazy Ways 6) Such a Thing 7) You Must Be Mad


    John Peel Session - for BBC Radio 1.(BBC ref: TX 19.04.83)

    This session was recorded on the 16th of April 1983 in studio 4 of the BBC's Maida Vale studios. It was broadcast on the 19th.
    Producer: Dale Griffin Engineer: Ted de Bono

    Love you more / Lazy Ways / Seacape / That Day


    Pillows & Prayers - A Compilation Album containing 17 Tracks by 'Cherry Red' artists. 1983. Cat: Z red 41.

    It includes:Marine Girls - Lazy Ways as well as Tacey Thorn - Plain Sailing / E.B.T.G. - On my mind / Ben Watt - Some things don't matter.


    Notes: The above is all they wrote, recorded and released as a band between 1980-1983. Since then virtually every song has either been re-released, re-packaged or appears on one of numerous compilation albums. But to list all these would sap my will to live.


  • Marine Girls - Live

    15 Feb 2009, 10:54

    Marine Girls - Live

    I've managed to track down the only known/available live recording by the band. It was recorded on 31st March 1983, when they played support slot for Orange Juice at the 'Lyceum Theatre' in London.

    It's a 13 song set which combines tracks from both their albums concluding with a cover of the Buzzcocks 'Love you More'.

    I downloaded it free from:
    Marine Girls Live

    Your thoughts?