Top albums of 2010


13 May 2010, 15:38

I've found myself listening to alot of older albums this year such as 2006's So Many Nights from the The Cat Empire, 1997's Eternal Nightcap from The Whitlams and last year's Shaka Rock from Jet but some great albums have come out this year...

#5 Golden Rule - Powderfinger

These guys were awesome live in their fair well tour (and with Jet supporting it was an exceptional concert) and did enough in this their final studio album ever, to gain number 5. Highlights are Burn Your Name, All Of The Dreamers and Sail The Wildest Stretch.

#4 Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons

Maybe this is technically last year but i didn't really start listening to until early this year... I'm listening to The Cave alot at the moment and of course Little Lion Man...

#3 Down the Way - Angus & Julia Stone

Really soulful thoughtful songs. Highlights include (but not limited to) And the Boys, I'm Not Yours and Big Jet Plane.

#2 Lungs - Florence + the Machine

This is one of my highest played albums of 2010 and have been listening alot since i discovered Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). Particularily like Hurricane Drunk, You've Got the Love, Dog Days Are Over, Cosmic Love and I'm Not Calling You a Liar.

#1 Cinema - The Cat Empire

I have really been into these guys this year, more so their second album So Many Nights (as mentioned above) but this their fourth studio album is really good. This whole album is awesome with a slightly different direction than any of their other albums. Highlights are Beyond All, Feeling's Gone, Call Me Home, The Heart Is A Cannibal, On My Way and Reasonably Fine.

Track of the year will be hard, as i said before i haven't been listening to many newer albums/songs. I'm finding it hard to go past the pairing of Eminem and Rihanna however with their tune Love the Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna).


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