wears the trousers magazine: the first 100 interviews


15 Oct 2008, 14:19

A milestone we’re proud to bursting to have reached after three years of sometimes tortuous shenanigans but mostly brilliant fun in our efforts to bringing you the inside scoop on the contributions of women to the music industry: here they are, our first 100 interviews in vaguely chronological order of publication.

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001 Diane Cluck by Alan Pedder
002 Kamila Thompson by Gillian Masland
003 Shelly Poole by Alan Pedder
004 Pooka by Alan Pedder
005 Beth Hirsch by Rod Thomas
006 Mara Carlyle by Rod Thomas
007 Carolyn Mark by Clare Byrne
008 Nerina Pallot by Michael Banna
009 Rosie Thomas by Clare Byrne and Alan Pedder
010 Eileen Rose by Alan Pedder
011 Emma Anderson (ex-Lush) by Alan Pedder
012 Jane Monheit by Aaron Alper
013 The Chalets by Robbie de Santos
014 The Rogers Sisters by Anja McCloskey
015 Dévics by Clare Byrne and Pete Morrow
016 The Organ by Alan Pedder
017 The Pipettes by Alan Pedder
018 Neko Case by Alan Pedder
019 Elin Ruth by Alan Pedder
020 Bic Runga by Alan Pedder
021 Marissa Nadler by Alan Pedder
022 Emm Gryner by Marc Soucy
023 Terri Walker by Alan Pedder
024 Reese Witherspoon by Stephen Collings
025 The Hot Puppies by Rod Thomas and Alan Pedder
026 Isobel Campbell by Helen Ogden
027 The Cardigans by Robbie de Santos
028 Emily Haines by Andrzej Lukowski
029 Rainer Maria by Emily Anderson
030 The Dresden Dolls by Andrzekj Lukowski
031 Inara George by Loria Near
032 Joan as Police Woman by Angelina Adsmill
033 Mia Doi Todd by Clare Byrne
034 Tender Trap by Russell Barker
035 Psapp by Alan Pedder
036 Lisa Germano by Alan Pedder
037 Juana Molina by Adam Smith
038 The Puppini Sisters by Anja McCloskey
039 Broadcast by Clare Byrne
040 Lou Rhodes by Paul Woodgate
041 Thea Gilmore by Alan Pedder
042 Nerina Pallot by Trevor Raggatt
043 Astrid Williamson by Trevor Raggatt
044 Amy Wadge by Trevor Raggatt
045 Stephanie Kirkham by Trevor Raggatt
046 Amy Millan by Andrzej Lukowski
047 Robyn by Robbie de Santos
048 Bat for Lashes by Alan Pedder
049 Basia Bulat by Alan Pedder
050 Catherine Feeny by Trevor Raggatt
051 The Last Town Chorus by Anja McCloskey
052 Shawn Colvin by Paul Woodgate
053 Charlotte Hatherley by Ellen Forster
054 Voice On The Verge #1: Emma Tricca by Alan Pedder
055 Wendy Flower by Stephen Collings
056 Voice On The Verge #2: Rosie & The Goldbug by Alan Pedder
057 Voice On The Verge #3: Helen McCookerybook by Alan Pedder
058 Voice On The Verge #4: Jessica Grace by Alan Pedder
059 Hummingbird by Trevor Raggatt
060 Voice On The Verge #5: Edwina Hayes by Alan Pedder
061 Stephanie Dosen by Thomas Atkinson
062 Architecture in Helsinki by Rod Thomas
063 Sarabeth Tucek by Rod Thomas
064 Voice On The Verge #6: Kárin Tatoyan by Alan Pedder
065 Voice On The Verge #7: Nancy Wallace by Alan Pedder
066 Meg Baird by Hugh Armitage
067 Madam by Katy Carr and Alan Pedder
068 Anjani Thomas by Alan Pedder
069 My Brightest Diamond by Clare Byrne
070 Voice On The Verge #8: Miranda Barber by Alan Pedder
071 Beth Rowley by Michael Banna and Alan Pedder
072 Voice On The Verge #9: Joni Davis by Alan Pedder
073 Voice On The Verge #10: Jo Gabriel by Alan Pedder
074 Voice On The Verge #11: Katy Carr by Alan Pedder
075 Silje Nes by Alan Pedder
076 Nanci Griffith by Trevor Raggatt
077 Voice On The Verge #12: Miwagemini by Alan Pedder
078 Voice On The Verge #13: Oh, Atoms by Alan Pedder
079 Pepi Ginsberg by Anja McCloskey
080 Voice On The Verge #14: Tallulah Rendall by Alan Pedder
081 Voice On The Verge #15: Polly Scattergood by Alan Pedder
082 Voice On The Verge #16: Naomi Hates Humans by Alan Pedder
083 The Ditty Bops by Martyn Clayton
084 Voice On The Verge #17: Fran Rodgers by Alan Pedder
085 Shannon McArdle by Mario Onnis and Alan Pedder
086 Voice On The Verge #18: Saint Saviour by Alan Pedder
087 Rose Kemp by Alan Pedder
088 Kamila Thompson by Sacha Whitmarsh
089 Nina Nastasia by Chris Catchpole
090 Voice On The Verge #19: Doctors & Dealers by Alan Pedder
091 Voice On The Verge #20: Honey Ryder by Alan Pedder
092 Society of Imaginary Friends by Katy Carr and Alan Pedder
093 Voice On The Verge #21: Ana Silvera by Alan Pedder
094 Voice On The Verge #22: Gemma Ray by Alan Pedder
095 Voice On The Verge #23: The Beautiful Word by Alan Pedder
096 Bec & Beth (The Hot Puppies) by Charlotte Richardson Andrews
097 HK119 by Léigh Bartlam
098 Die So Fluid by Gary Munday
099 Holly Golightly by Sacha Whitmarsh
100 Rose Elinor Dougall by Charlotte Richardson Andrews

* * *

Alan Pedder


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